August 2020

Visionary Re-creations



In this most unusual of summers we present our most unusual take on recreation. Call it “Visionary Re-creations,’” for along with this past spring this is a season in which we have all had to reinvent ourselves.

Aspects of grief


At a time when we’ve lost so many of our countrymen through the coronavirus and police violence against blacks, we asked psychotherapist Asha Tarry to talk to us about how to grieve those losses.

Games of home


Sardines, anyone? We’re all in for the Mediterranean treat and the Hide and Seek spinoff as Jeremy Wayne offers some clever house-bound activities.

The need to lead


Great civilizations rest on the shoulders of great leaders, but in the end, that leadership may not stem the tide of history. And yet without real leadership, nations have little chance to survive – and thrive.

Live and let dine at The Barley Beach House


The former Seaside Johnnies in Rye Town Park and Beach overlooking the Long Island Sound changed hands in 2018 and, having installed heating, is now open year-round. It could be a great seaside restaurant, Wonderful Dining columnist Jeremy Wayne says, if it just believed in itself (and in its great chocolate cake).

We have your back


The pandemic has made 2020 the year of working from and working out at home. With all of the makeshift home offices and at-home exercise challenges, along with fewer in-person doctor visits, protecting your back has never been more important, says Kaliq Chang, M.D..