APRIL 2021

Well-fed, well-rested at Bedford Post Inn


At snuggy, stardusted Bedford Post Inn – still co-owned by Richard Gere – WAG senior food and travel writer Jeremy Wayne’s thoughts turn to dining, sleeping, yoga and imagining romantic intrigue among the sleek guests.

Fanatically yours


WAG’s Gregg Shapiro interviews Peekskill-based publicist Josh Bloom, who talks music trends during Covid, his next 25 years in the business and a cat named Stella, who’s a tough exercise taskmaster.

An artist out of Aesop


In “Almost True Tales,” at Lyman Allyn Art Museum through May 19, Brian Keith Stephens visualizes the animal kingdom by recalling classical iconography, fables and folk tales that invested the birds and beasts with human wisdom, failings and aspirations.

A bunny’s tale


“The Velveteen Rabbit,” Margery Williams’ classic children’s book, illustrates that you’re not real because you are beautiful or new or trendy. You’re real because you love and are loved in return.

The ultimate in luxe skincare


As Valmont looks to make L’Elixir des Glaciers a standalone brand – the way La Mer is independent of Estée Lauder, Valmont CEO Sophie Vann Guillon said in a recent Zoom meeting from Valmont’s headquarters – it has introduced its most luxe collection to date, Essence of Gold Sturgeon.

The RealReal, really


The RealReal, which started as an online luxury fashion consignment business, is not only expanding its brick-and-mortar operation with a new shop in Greenwich. It’s also ventured into home goods and one-of-a-kind treasures that will particularly appeal to the discerning Greenwich clientele.