Droplette offers special delivery skincare

If you want to have gorgeous skin, you need to know an important fact:  Your skin is actually created to keep things out – not let things in.  Indeed, there is a thick layer of skin called the stratum corneum, which is a tightly packed set of cell layers that acts as a barrier to anything that is put on it.

Madhavi Gavini and Rathi Srinivas are two Boston-based scientists, trained at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who were working on treatments for a rare skin disease at a biotech firm.  They sought to find a way to deliver large proteins in wound care deep into the skin.

The result was the creation of a powerful, yet gentle micromist device called Droplette, which uses a proprietary acceleration pump to propel the mist not only onto but into the skin.

“The pump takes the aerosol mist and it accelerates it, so the droplets move at a higher velocity, and that, combined with our small droplets, results in a superior penetration profile, versus topical administration,” Gavini says. “Droplette is able to infuse scientifically proven ingredients 20 times deeper than traditional skincare – where it is clinically proven to be up to 90% more effective.”

The Droplette device is actually an egg-shaped skincare machine into which you put capsules of collagen, glycolic acid or retinol.  The machine allows you to use formulations that would otherwise dry or irritate your skin.  Certainly, this is true with retinoids. Many people complain that these wreak havoc on your skin, even as the formulas work to improve your skin health.  Droplette’s 15% retinol capsules include arbutin to even discoloration, along with the retinol to stimulate cell turnover, and rose oil and water to comfort skin for the gentlest retinol experience possible.

The 10% collagen capsules come complete with peptides to firm, argireline to mimic the lifting effects of injectables, Vitamin C to preserve the skin and turmeric to enhance its glow.  This offers high-powered daily maintenance.

Droplette’s 8% glycolic capsules contain a blend of AHA (alphahydroxy acids) plus salicylic acid and glutonolactone to resurface your skin, along with niacinamide to make your skin baby soft, and a peptide to repair the visible signs of aging. They also contain aloe for soothing.

When I use Droplette ($299) overnight, I can immediately see the teeny-tiny droplets on my miniscule blond facial hairs. The next morning, my facial skin resembles velvet. In my humble opinion, Droplette is one of the greatest breakthroughs ever.  Tara Lipinski, the Olympic champion figure-skater and commentator, is a huge fan and has gone on record in Droplette’s marketing efforts online.

“Our customers are some of our biggest assets, in terms of referring other customers, and they also have amazing ideas about our product development,” says Gavini, who co-created the product in 2017 with Srinivas and a grant from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

The product, launched in 2020, was developed in conjunction with one of Boston’s leading plastic surgeons, Leonard B. Miller, M.D., a pioneer in the world of aesthetic medicine.

Capsules start at $39 for two-weeks’ worth and are about $80 for a month-long supply.

It’s micro infusion with macro effects – and my newest Fountain of Youth. 

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