January 2020

2020 visions

In focus


Marcy B. Freedman, the veteran Croton-on-Hudson performance artist, recaps her interactive “2020 vision” project and gives us a preview of her projects for the 2020.

20 acts toward the ’20 women’s vote


The story of women’s suffrage in the United States is one of jagged progress, rivalry among women’s groups and conflict between women and black men, who were also struggling to establish their enfranchisement. But in the end, women got the vote when the 19th Amendment was passed Aug. 18, 1920.

The reluctant president


James Abram Garfield never intended to become the 20th President of the United States and, after his inauguration, he had little opportunity to show his brand of leadership. But his life and death offer the story of a man who both shaped his era while falling victim to its limitations.