October 2016

Celebrating the singular spirit

Dazzling days


There’s an easygoing elegance to Dawn Hendricks. It’s introduced in her casual-yet-sophisticated (and often black) wardrobe. It’s echoed in her focused-yet-friendly demeanor. And, perhaps most tellingly,…

Quirky cool


In Peekskill, a city noted for its wealth of artistic talent, Jeorjia Shea manages to stand out. And that says quite a bit about the…

The singer and the song


Written by Gregg Shapiro Her 1993 debut album, “The Honesty Room,” was a folkie delight and included the irresistible song “The Babysitter’s Here.” Just a…

Lasting portraits


“Money People Politics.” How apropos a title for a new photography book in this, the meanest and most absurd presidential election season. In this latest book…

Singular vision


NBC colleagues face challenges.  Work saved them. NBC correspondents Anne Thompson and Andrea Mitchell have been coping for years with breast cancer. Yet despite…

The Sino Hawaii


Written by Seymour Topping. China is developing Hainan Island, its tropical jewel in the South China Sea, into what its officials describe as an international…