As the adage goes, “If you want to make a small fortune from a winery, start with a large one.” Such has been the case for many a second-career entrepreneur. Just ask Patricia Kluge, who reportedly received upward of $25 million from her ex-husband, media mogul John Kluge, and sank it and quite a bit more into a Charlottesville, Va. winery that declared bankruptcy two years ago. It’s now Trump Vineyard Estates, owned by none other than the Donald. So how does he expect to make money from this rather risky, capital-intensive business?

Obrigado, Bellota

The growing trend among upscale establishments to offer small plates of flavorful fare prepared from high-end ingredients reaches a zenith at Bellota at 42,…

Wines for all (food) seasons

Do wines have seasons – and if so, what should we drink in the fall? In summertime when “the livin’ is easy,” most of us prefer light, fruity wines, quite independent of the fare. In cooler months, we trend toward heartier whites and reds and favor bubbly at year’s end with a wide range of starters and main-course items. However, for those with even moderately demanding palates, wine seasonality is best based not on weather or whim, but on the flavors of the fare usually served at that time of year.

Real men drink Rosé

Do real men drink pink? Apparently, yes. Retail shops in Westchester and Fairfield counties are reporting a dramatic rise in the sales of Rosé. Among the reasons is the realization that pink drinks aren’t only for women, with Rosés offering a welcome alternative to other warm-weather quaffs.