Dressing up Fido

Now that the weather has turned cool, I’m starting to plan the holiday photo shoot. We’ve added several pets to the family pack since last year, so I see great potential. Several of my suggestions – all of us gathered around the dog sled wearing fake antlers and dressing up as shepherds and sheep – have been met with skepticism from the two-legged pack members. My practical husband likes the traditional in-front-of-the-tree portrait, and my son thinks we should drape ourselves with multi-colored flashing lights. But my daughter and me? We’re pet dressers to the core.

Training day

Can dog school be fun? Absolutely, if you find the right school. Since your pup really has one shot at learning, take some time and find the right setting for both of you to learn.


When WAG asked me to cover the subject of animals in the “The Dawn of Egyptian Art” exhibit, I jumped at the chance. I didn’t immediately see the connection between pre-dynastic art and modern-day pet ownership, but hey: It’s The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and I never pass up an opportunity to go there.