Bugs & Blades

Bugs & Blades is Fairfield County’s premiere Tick treatment service. All products used are kid-safe, pet-friendly and premium quality leaving you feeling safe from the threats of Lyme Disease, West Nile Virus, Spotted Fever and Zika while enjoying your property.

Bugs and Blades combines their three-step approach w/ the most updated application methods to ensure you are able to enjoy your property. That approach consists of assessment, treatment, and continuity. Continuity with applicators on property is paramount giving your property consistent and full-coverage during every treatment.

Founders Tom O’Carmody and Chris Zinkel both are victims of Lyme Disease. Their shared experience with this very dangerous disease inspired the creation of the company and processes.

Pricing is based on property size and/or planting intricacies starting at $49.95 per application regardless of product choice. New customers also receive a 25% discount off their first application.

Bugs & Blades is a NOFA certified business.