A hidden jewel

When it comes to adoption, some pets, like kids, have a harder time finding a forever home than others. Such is the case of Opal, a gentle, shy Retriever/Hound mix. There’s a certain sadness in those big brown eyes. You wonder what story and what pain they hide.

Slowly but surely, though, Opal is learning to trust people and once she gets to know you, she reveals her jewel of a self. The SPCA would love to find her a foster home so she can gain confidence, preferably with someone who’d also be interested in adopting her once she progresses. She has a few canine buddies at the shelter so a home with a social canine friend may help. The SPCA trainers will assist the foster parent to help Opal acclimate and blossom.

To learn more about Opal or set up a meet and greet, visit spca914.org.

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