A WAG ‘cover’ guy’s second act

Photograph by David Bravo.
Former WAG cover photographer David Bravo tells us what he’s been up to. Hint: It involves marketing.

Written by David Bravo

I’m as active as ever in the photography scene, but I wanted to do more marketing and advertising work, so I reached out to a longtime colleague and friend, David Klang, about expanding my agency, David Bravo Creative.

We’re both creative directors, but I’ve concentrated on small and mid-sized businesses, while he has worked mainly with Fortune 500 companies, so there’s an interesting synergy there — kind of a Madison Avenue comes to Main Street thing. It will be a lot of fun, like Lennon/McCartney (before the “White Album.”)

Our goal for the agency is to take a holistic approach to marketing — to look at every aspect of a client’s business and find all the places we can add value, instead of just pouring money into media. There’s a fascinating creative tension between us, something that drives us to create unusual harmonies and unexpected solutions. 

One of our first projects was a pro bono fundraiser for The Kennedy Center in Trumbull, featuring a book of photographs that includes some images from my stint as WAG director of photography.

The Kennedy Center is dear to my heart. My brother benefited from its programs for the disabled throughout his life, and my whole family has been active in our support for decades. The organization provides vital services to some of the most vulnerable people in our community (at a fraction of the cost of government-run programs). But with the financial situation in Hartford and Washington, D.C., public funding is drying up and Kennedy will wind up shouldering more of the load. It needs everyone’s support more than ever, so we were glad to have the opportunity to help.

We’ve already been able to make a noticeable difference — that’s what has always attracted me to marketing and advertising — so I’m looking forward to what the future holds.

For more about David Bravo Photography, visit davidbravo.com. For more on the new advertising and marketing services, visit davidbravocreative.com. David can also be reached at 203-520-3075.

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