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From sailing ships to hot-air balloons, the means and tools of travel are celebrated in the home goods offered by Authentic Models.

From ship models to hot-air balloons, airplanes to racing cars and compasses to telescopes, travel themes inform the elegant offerings of Authentic Models.

WAG encountered the Oregon-based company at the most recent edition of NY NOW, the mega-trade fair held at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center of New York in Manhattan.

The Authentic Models’ booth took us on a virtual ’round-the-world tour, a luxurious adventure into an earlier time — and one that has us still thinking about incorporating captain’s desks, Art Deco flight clocks, porthole mirrors and ornate reception-desk bells into our own surroundings.

We reached out to the company to hear more about its collection, with Rob Wahlers, the Authentic Models territory manager for the New York metro area, taking time to answer our questions:

What do you think most appeals to — or connects with — people about the offerings of Authentic Models?

“Authentic Models connects people to the adventurous past, taking them on fascinating journeys by enriching and transforming spaces with our unique products. From traditional to modern minimalistic, Authentic Models offers high-end, quality products that evoke desire, guarantee quality and help to belong.

“Fly on an adventure to the past with Authentic Models’ first U.S.-built fighter in action, the all- powerful and maneuverable WWII Mustang airplane. Iconic and legendary, it is a meticulously constructed airplane. Authentic Models’ airplanes offer fully detailed cockpits with sliding covers and retractable wheels. 

“Let’s go on a journey with our sleek and elegant 1943 Constellation plane, used as both a military and civilian transport by iconic airlines TWA, Eastern and Pan-Am. Roam in a voyage to the past with Authentic Models’ unique 1783 helium balloons, one of aviation’s first successes, encompassing five centuries of history. Or explore the ocean with our accurate ship models evoking emotions connected from the golden eras of water transport, paying homage to the sublime beauty of waterborne vessels.”

How important is design to the process — and how does that play into everything that you do?

“Because we pay arduous attention to the aesthetics of our products, design plays one of the most important aspects of what Authentic Models offers. Every piece is superbly crafted with meticulous attention to detail, i.e. the A-Cup Contender J-Yacht Ranger 1937 Sailboat is offered in original colors with clean white sails and detailed stitching. Authentic Models is always looking for perfection in the high-end design pieces we offer. Paying diligent attention to the most minute features of each product, design takes precedence in our product production and selection.”

Is there a most-popular division, say nautical or aviation? Or does each segment have its own dedicated following?

“Authentic Models houses a wide range of versatile products that are specifically designed to do both, impress and surprise. Each of our pillar divisions has its own charm and dedicated following. Always demanding in quality, Authentic Models offers distinctive products that inspire and create a better lifestyle.”

If you had to suggest a gift idea for “someone who has everything,” what might be among your top choices?

“Authentic Models’ pride is precisely having unique and distinctive product that is not going to be found in any store. Our exclusive products can range from functional nautical instruments and tools to beautifully crafted objects and furniture. Always a statement piece is our unique state bars. Made in the style of turn-of-the century travel trunks, our stateroom bars are impeccably crafted with solid brass hardware and bridle leather accoutrements.

“Fully handcrafted, named after the dizzying speeds they reached and inspired by full-size race cars, our Spindizzies are a true depiction of the large-scale miniatures made by skilled owners who spent countless hours working on these master-made models. Authentic Models Bantams are truly hand-tooled, traditionally die-stamped parts in aluminum, brass and polished mahogany. Lift the hood and admire the replica engine. Turn the cockpit wheel and smell the luxurious leather of the driver’s seat. These extraordinary products are what Authentic Models offers to connect the past with the present, bringing the best of both worlds together and satisfy the most demanding gift ideas.”

And finally, what’s on the horizon for Authentic Models?

“Authentic Models is unique and our product reflects our uniqueness. We are very excited about the future, to continue to grow, engage in new adventures and to be recognized as a leader in the industry.”

For more, visit authenticmodels.com.

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