Animal house

To befriend an adorable amphibian – no aquarium required – slip on C. Wonder’s 14-karat gold stone-studded salamander cuff bracelet. Photograph courtesy of C. Wonder

Long past are the days when humans stepped out only in animal skins or nothing at all. Thank goodness for that, though eons later, we can’t seem to shake a desire to don what the animals have. Is it an evolutionary aspiration that harks back to the caveman days? A reverse anthropomorphism that pays homage to our furry friends? A minor identity crisis that compels us to morph momentarily into our most beloved animal of land, sea or sky?

Ever since animal clothing transitioned from its once ubiquitous role as clothing of the early hominids to today’s predominantly synthetic styles that offer flair and glamour, designers have banked on our animal obsession. This season the exotic trend emerged once again as catwalks crawled with pieces inspired by four-legged and be-winged friends – reptiles and amphibians, too – offering a fashionable respite from our human guise into the fantasy life of our favorite beasts. Leopard, of course, is king, just right for when you’re feeling fierce or want to purr your way through the day.


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