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Scrunchie time

You’re playing in a big match and want to look your best while keeping your hair off your neck. Enter the antibacterial active-wear scrunchie from Canadian company Chelsea King. The ChitoSante fabric is soft, fast-wicking and odor-resistant. ChitoSante is also the only antibacterial bio-agent certified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Game, set and match. For more, visit chelseaking.shop. Courtesy Chelsea King.


Getting your goat (milk skincare)

With all the hand sanitizing and extra exercising during quarantine, your digits and tootsies have taken a beating. Dionis Goat Milk Skincare products may be your answer. One gift set includes a .78-ounce Sole Soother Balm and one-ounce hand cream. The products, which are gluten-, parabens-, sulfates- and cruelty-free, also include sanitizers and disinfectant surface sprays for high-touch areas like cell phones and door knobs. For more, visit dionisgmskincare.com. Courtesy Dionis.


Woo-hoo, Woozoo

While many of us love being out on the water, the water doesn’t always love us. Seasickness can spoil a perfectly good day on a boat, but Blisslets is here to help. The stylish, breathable wristbands trigger pressure points connected to the area of the brain that regulates nausea. (They come two to a pouch, and you must wear one on each wrist.) Blisslets can help those experiencing nausea as a result of pregnancy, chemotherapy and medication and have been used to manage stress and improve sleep. So now you can really row, row, row your boat gently down that stream. Starts at $24.99.  For more, visit myblisslets.com. Courtesy Blisslets.

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