Drinking my way to a new book

It’s a tough job but someone had to sample lots of clear and brown liquors for a new “Spirits Tasting Journal” (Peter Pauper Press). Fortunately, WAG’s Wine & Dine columnist Doug Paulding was up to the task and now out with the new book.

Whiskey’s (and whisky’s) moment

Doug Paulding follows up his “Wine Tasting Journal” (Peter Pauper Press) with a “Spirits Tasting Journal” early next year. So what better way to announce it than with a column on whiskey, er, whisky, which is having another moment.

Simply bubbly

Emilien – through his birth right, through his diligence, through his education and through his passion –has landed himself in the very enviable position of chef de caves (cellar master) of a major Champagne house at a tender young age.