Succeeding against all odds

Today, more young women than ever are dazzled by the idea of becoming doctors. They dominate medical schools as they do many other professional schools and higher education in general. It’s a far cry from 150 years ago when Elizabeth Blackwell made history as the first woman admitted to an American medical school. And it’s a far cry from the early 1970s when I applied to medical school in the midst of a changing society.

Rx and the city

My career in medicine has taken me from trauma to critical care, from internal medicine to anti-aging and hormones and it all pretty much happened geographically in Westchester. That is until one day about 12 years ago when I became a Manhattan doctor.

The caring doc

When I think of my first two years of medical school, a blur of endless hours of studying and an overwhelming feeling of anxiety permeating the air immediately overtake me and I get a knot in the pit of my stomach. I’m sure I’m not alone. Just ask any physician who wants to remember. He will concur.