They love Greenwich

Serial entrepreneur Christian Perry (a choreographer on “Dancing With the Stars”) and real estate broker Danielle Claroni have teamed for Sotheby’s International Realty’s “I Love Greenwich” marketing campaign.

When plants become endangered

Most people are aware of the concept of endangered and extinct species within the animal kingdom, but less common is knowledge about plants and trees that have either been brought to the brink of oblivion or pushed into the extinguishing abyss.

An artist out of Aesop

In “Almost True Tales,” at Lyman Allyn Art Museum through May 19, Brian Keith Stephens visualizes the animal kingdom by recalling classical iconography, fables and folk tales that invested the birds and beasts with human wisdom, failings and aspirations.

John Oliver does Danbury

A “feud” between John Oliver, host of HBO’s “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver,” and Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton results in some publicity for the city – and cash for Connecticut charities.

On the virtue of patience

Former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams famously compared prayer to bird-watching, as both endeavors require endless patience and stillness while in pursuit of an often-elusive goal.

That’s Italian

When it comes to the Business 101 mantra “location, location, location,” the family-run Trattoria 632 certainly hit pay dirt when it opened 10 years ago on Anderson Hill Road in Purchase.

And the Oscar for Best Costume Design goes to…

Among the categories that fill the Academy Awards, the honors for Best Costume Design have always existed somewhere under that proverbial radar in terms of sparking public debate or controversy. But if you take a deeper dive into the category’s history, it seems to be among the most intriguing of the Oscar competitions.