Bejeweled by the sea

At the recent preview for Tiffany & Co.’s 2016 Blue Book Collection, “The Art of Transformation,” the press was introduced to a room full of treasures worth, yes, $75 million. 

(Here we pause for the reader to revive him or herself.)

The glittering pieces reflect design director Francesca Amfitheatrof’s continuing fascination with the sea, and, particularly this year, its light-dappled fluidity. The faceted play of the sun on water is dazzlingly captured in such works as a necklace of mixed diamonds with a pear-shaped 25-carat flawless diamond pendant worth seven figures many times over.

While we certainly wouldn’t sniff at that, we were particularly enchanted by designs that evoke aquatic and amphibious life.

A brooch of a baroque pearl with round diamonds and sapphires conjures an octopus cocooned in its sinuous tentacles. (Amfitheatrof is so good that she even suggests the suction cups with tiny diamonds.)

A cuff of round blue sapphires, diamonds and tsavorites is studded with starfish. And fish made of round diamonds and blue caprian elbaite tourmalines swim onto earrings of cushion-cut tanzanites.

But our favorites are a pair of frog-shaped brooches in onyx, emeralds and yellow diamonds. We’d be happy to have them perch on the lily pads of our hearts.

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