March 2014


Suit yourself


Our attitudes toward swimsuits can be confounding. With the warning of warm weather, we stress about baring all, then pay top dollar for barely-there…

Laced-up luxe


Think python, lace, pearls and tweed: All allow for an individual fashion statement. Now think python, lace, pearls and tweed – on sneaks. They…

The Tao of tai chi


What is empowerment ? Perceptions of empowerment vary greatly across time and culture. Some people are empowered by material gains, while others are empowered…

Rx for finding a top doc


“Unfortunately, most people spend more time investigating and selecting a new restaurant than they do vetting out a doctor,” John J. Connolly says. Connolly,…

A passion to train


If Dana Cavalea calls the clients at his ML Strength fitness facility “athletes” and his six instructors “coaches,” it’s only natural. Until recently, Cavalea…