Sally Siano

What’s it like to hobnob with Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas or have a close encounter of the real estate kind with (now President) Donald J. Trump and wife Melania?

Sally Siano, realtor to the stars, knows all and she tells much of it in her new memoir “It’s a Great Life,” which WAG will be excerpting each week.

Go behind the scenes with Sally for the heart of the deal, the stories of the movers and shakers, and find out why she thinks there’s no place on earth like WAG country:

The most important lesson


THE MOST IMPORTANT LESSON A friend recently asked me what’s the most important lesson I could teach young brokers—and what’s the most important lesson…

Jerry and Nancy Kohlberg


JERRY AND NANCY KOHLBERG—FROM WALL STREET TO CABBAGE HILL Jerry Kohlberg—of Kohlberg Kravis Roberts fame–and his wife Nancy not only made an impression on…

The Heiress


We were handling a listing for Alan C. Cohen and his wife, who lived in a magnificent house in Katonah, right on the Cross River Reservoir.