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Products from Nature by Canus, all of which are made using fresh goat’s milk, include soap, moisturizing lotion and body wash. Pictured above is the five-piece Nature Perfect Pack, $29.99. Courtesy Nature by Canus.
The Montreal-based, family-owned company is passionate about its goat milk skincare line – and using it to do good.

The world would be a softer place if only more people used soap made with fresh goat’s milk.

This is the thought behind Nature by Canus, a Montreal-based, family-owned company — with a New Jersey office — that has been using the healing properties of fresh goat’s milk in its more than 70 skincare products for some 20 years.

“We’re very passionate about what we do,” says Andre Beauregard, president of Canus USA. “It’s our reason to be.”

The line, which serves all skin types, focuses on the restorative benefits of fresh goat’s milk, which helps to lock in the skin’s natural moisturizers, preventing  dryness. Rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals and triglycerides, fresh goat’s milk also contains fatty acids, which counteract the alkalinity found in conventional skincare products.

The properties of soap, Beauregard explains, typically contain a high alkaline base, which while successfully removing dirt also irritates the skin. The formula he uses entails adding fresh goat’s milk — sourced from local dairy farms — directly to a vegetable soap’s base, which cleanses without causing irritation.

“We’re probably the only company in the world that’s doing it that way,” he says. 

These are combined with other plant-based ingredients and natural essential oils, including lavender, olive oil and wheat protein. The resulting product, available in original and shea butter, is free of parabens, phosphates, gluten and artificial coloring.

Before launching the company, Beauregard consulted with a goat’s milk expert in Quebec about its healing properties. After two years of experimenting with different formulas, the product hit shelves in late 1998, even before the health fad. 

In addition to a commitment to craeting thoughtful products, the company is strongly dedicated to the environment. The plants used to create the soap’s vegetable base are grown on a farm in South America and nothing goes to waste. Palm tree oils are used for the soap, while the rest of the plant is dried to power the equipment. Butterflies and small spiders provide the pest control, eliminating the need for pesticides. 

The company also manufactures its own bottles and caps to eliminate the carbon footprint. And, in the office setting, the company uses smart lights — lights that turn off immediately when someone exits a room — to prevent energy waste; purchases cars that are hybrid or electric; and makes use of an intensive recycling program. 

Nature by Canus is pursuing philanthropic initiatives as well. The company is a supporter of the Ronald McDonald House Charities, which provide resources and care to sick children and their families. So far, Nature by Canus has given free soap to 19 houses across Canada, as well as two in the United States, with plans to expand across all 50 states.  

And to think it all started with a single bar of soap. 

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