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Debbi K. Kickham fell in love with travel and travel writing as associate editor and spokesmodel for the Robb Report, a luxury magazine, back in the 1980s.

“When you’re going to five-star destinations, what’s not to like?” the Westwood, Mass., resident says. “I’ve been all over the world from Boston to Bora Bora.”

Indeed, she recently returned from a European cruise aboard the Azamara Journey. This fall, she’ll sail to Tahiti on the Paul Gauguin.
Such a glamorous life is not without its drawbacks. After experiencing a “20-course” dinner in France, Kickham concluded, “I’ve got to find a way to go on trips, be social and stay a size 4.” Hence “The Globetrotter’s Get-Gorgeous Guide” to staying fit and looking good on the go. Here Kickham — a marketing consultant and lecturer as well as a travel writer — expands on tips from her book.

1. Pack Smart Snacks. Kashi GoLean cereal, raisins and powdered nonfat milk in sealed plastic bags. PB2 powdered peanut butter. Sunsweet dried plums in Cherry Essence. The Laughing Cow cheese wedges. And for a low-cal treat, strawberry and chocolate Twizzlers.

2. Don’t get detoured on “the road to Sveltesville.” Cruise meals alone can pack on a pound a day. Ask the special order chef aboard to prepare low-fat options. Bring your own packets of low-fat dressing (from and flavored water packets of pink lemonade. If you find yourself at a five-course meal, skip the vino and take two bites of everything.

3. Hit the gym — even when there’s none. Tour your destination on foot. March in place for a half hour in your hotel room. Jump rope without the rope. Do 15 minutes of pushups, sit-ups and leg lifts to work the three As — arms, abs and ass.

4. Guard against illness, which weakens immunity and willpower. Kickham recommends Oscillo, a homeopathic remedy by Boiron. “It’s one of the best-kept secrets” for those who feel fluish. Herban Essentials, available at Whole Foods, are must-have antiseptic towelettes in bracing lemon, orange and lavender.

5. Refresh with silk or satin. A silk or satin pillowcase is gentler on the hair and the face than cotton, so don’t forget to pack one.

6. Don’t skip on the scented beauty products, which will add zest to the skin and keep you feeling luxurious even on the trip from Hades. Among Kickham’s favorites are La Belle Vie soap in black cherry (; JK7’s makeup remover in lemon and lime; and Karin Herzog’s chocolate moisturizer. Roloxin Lift (, a wrinkle-smoothing mask, is another great facial pick-me-up, she says.

7. Check out local pharmacies abroad for great products. In Shannon, Ireland recently, Kickham visited The Burren Perfumery. And she picked up 10 vials of Retin A in Greece for a fraction of what it would cost here.

8. When packing, repurpose. Use those plastic cases that duvets, sheets and pillowcases come in as suitcase “drawers” for swimsuits, workout clothes and formalwear.

9. Say it with the right accessories. Kickham uses pink as an accent for navy and black. She wears costume jewelry so she doesn’t have to worry about losing it. And she ditches the sneakers for comfy Bass Weejuns loafers, Chanel ballet slippers and the “Like Jackie” sandals she had made in Capri (

10. Don’t overpack. Kickham prefers buying distinctive clothes and jewelry on her trips. “They make excellent souvenirs.”

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  1. says: Diane Sukiennik

    Being a fellow globe trotter I find Debbie’s tips to be spot on and the proof is in the looking good, and boy, does she ever! Kudo’s to you, Debbie!

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