Designs that say ‘ooh la la’

Lori Morris’ sumptuous designs have been featured in the Robb Report and Dujour and Upscale Living magazines.

And the overstuffed furnishings. And the blowups of Dean, Brando, Marilyn and Liz.

Not for Morris: the spare look. This is a woman unafraid of animal-print chairs, floral-textured walls, pillow shams and the color black.

Working with a team that includes creative director Julie Ballard, whose refined drawings bring her vision to life, Morris and her Toronto-based House of LMD (with clients in Dallas, Miami and San Francisco) design statement rooms for statement personalities. And she’s eager to make a statement in WAG country. We caught up with her recently:

Lori, you have a sophisticated, saturated style that tosses Minimalism out the window.  Tell us about your design philosophy.

“My design philosophy is based on a love for French and Modern design. Over the years, I have developed my own style of a synergized, harmonious balance of the two genres and created my own category — sexy French.”

Were you always interested in being a designer?

“I have always been interested in design, ever since I was a little girl (in Dundas, Ontario). I remember redecorating my own room at 10 years old. Anything design, whether it’s landscape or packaging or fashion, I’ve had a true love since I can remember.” 

How did you get your start?

“I started in design school (the International Academy of Design & Technology) many years ago, and then started my business at a young age. I chose to take risks and surround myself with a fantastic team and here we are.”  

What are today’s big trends?

“The mixture of both texture and different design eras. There is also more personality and color in a space now. People are starting to realize the impact and effect of artwork. The strong personality of color together with an eclectic style creates a lot of interest in any space.”

How can we update our homes without breaking the bank or ruining our schedules?

“New artwork makes a huge impact in a space. Throw pillows, area carpets and new light fixtures can take a room to a different level without having to do everything. Also, a dark color palette on the walls is a great way to elevate a space.”

What’s next for you and any plans to do some projects in Westchester or Fairfield counties?

“Yes, I am starting to work in the area. I am also in the process of launching an LMD (Lori Morris Design) line of textiles, furniture and décor.”

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