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What does the pandemic mean for your home in 2021? More mobility, more versatility, more color, more of your unique personality.

The United States has always been a mobile society but it’s even more so now, thanks to the pandemic. 

Many people have been moving out of cities in record numbers. Young families are moving to the suburbs years earlier than many intended to, older couples are moving to warmer climates in droves and many young, single people have made their way back to their childhood homes.

All of these changes have created several exciting, new trends in home design. Completely open concept has given way to delineated spaces for working from home, remote learning and exercising. Although kitchens have always been the heart of the home, we are looking at creating layouts for families to cook together. We are pulling desks out of kitchens and using that space for better pantry storage. Desks are getting moved to a quieter part of the house with new focus on private home offices. Double islands are becoming increasingly popular, one designated for prep and the other for dining.

Since we are spending so much time at home, interior design trends are also changing. We are seeing more color, wallpaper and interest in artwork to create more individualized homes — a welcome trend to be sure. We want our homes to reflect our individual interests and to be tailored to our specific comforts. Finding unique, custom pieces to add to your décor has taken on a new importance, because we are spending so much time in our homes. Designers have always had fearless clients that are searching for unusual works, but after years of everything looking generic, we are seeing a larger number of homeowners seeking creativity and color to add to their everyday lives.

Artwork can take your home to a new plateau. There are so many art forms that can be incorporated into your home. Paintings, prints, photography (both black and white and color), sculpture and custom furniture can all bring style and uniqueness into your home. I often work with artists, art dealers, lighting designers and furniture designers to bring rooms to life for my clients. The extra time it takes to find or commission these pieces is worth it. 

My one rule of thumb is to buy what you love. Many of these pieces will be an investment and over time will become your most beloved possessions. They can move to different homes with you where they will take on new life in a different setting. If you are feeling intimidated about purchasing artworks, many galleries can help you, or you can consult with an art dealer on your purchases. I do recommend that you include different forms of artwork in your home and not just one form. You can unify the forms by color or style, but different media allow your eye to travel and enjoy the collections you have curated.

Very often we have created rooms over a client’s favorite painting. Pulling colors out of the painting can lay the groundwork for a beautiful room. Or contrasting colors can also bring a different energy to a room. If you have collected several smaller pieces, for greater effect hang them together, creating a gallery wall. The frames can either all match or not depending on your room style.

A new and interesting area of design is wallpaper made specifically for you by artists who can bring you more affordable versions of their paintings or murals. The colors can be created to align with your particular color scheme. These unique art forms are a way to create a personalized room. If you are feeling so inclined, you can have your own photo of a recent trip blown up and made into wallpaper for a mural in your home. In this pandemic, it might be a wonderful way to remember and document that trip you took to Africa or Europe pre-Covid. These photographic murals look great in a family room or game room and can conjure up memoires of a fantastic trip that you savored with family or friends.

2021’s design trends are about making your home about you. The look of your homes will be as individual as fashion. There are so many directions to go in and none are wrong. Enjoy the freedom to create your home to be as unique as you are.

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