I’m hot – and not necessarily in a good way.

Let’s just say that I’ve reached that moment in the prime of womanhood when my internal thermostat is moving faster than a roller coaster. The result is that I’m sometimes very hot (and then very cold) in a matter of seconds – a challenge I’ve met with fans (electric and hand); vitamins B and E; and lots of iced, flavored seltzer, which I carry around in my 16-ounce, Mayor Bloomberg-disapproved Avengers cup.

Not to mention a sense of humor and a certain perspective. What menopause has given me – apart from a more balanced figure, thank you very much – is an understanding that being warm or hot is not all it’s cracked up to be. All kidding aside, hot flashes can be a sign of heart trouble down the road, as Dr. Erika explains in a provocative column this month.

And while we might enjoy warm weather – particularly after a hard winter – global warming is no day at the beach, as we explain in an essay that looks at why scientists who say that cataclysmic climate change is now inevitable have such a hard time getting that message across.

But we wouldn’t be WAG if we couldn’t have some fun in the sun with our Heating Up theme. We jump into the pool with fine art photographer Karine Laval and Sabra Krock, whose Everything But Water – at The Westchester and new to Greenwich – offers some of the hottest swimsuits of the season. But first we show you how to get in shape for them with Tarice’s profile of Dr. Ian Smith and his “Shred Diet,” a soulful visit to SoulCycle and Martha and Jen’s intrepid foray into fencing before we let you relax at the Dream Spa & Salon in Greenwich.

Or at home. Mary demonstrates how to lighten things up there in time for summer in her profiles of awning expert Gregory Sahagian and interior designers Samantha Knapp and Antoinette and Louise Lombardi, while spicing up your table with some gorgeous place settings, courtesy of the recent DIFFA Dining by Design event in Manhattan.

There’s hot rock from Saw Mill Club’s Kevin Kane and hot rocks from Alex Soldier as well as Tiffany & Co., whose glittering collaboration with Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin on this month’s “The Great Gatsby” recreates the cool-hot Jazz Age.

Among those helping us to look hot while staying cool is cover-girl Stacy London, whose own career is red-hot with a new book, her own production and style companies and the return of her “What Not to Wear” on TLC next month. Stacy is, as you’ll see, one terrific lady, honest about the ordeals that have shaped her life and passionate about using them to make women look and feel better about themselves. She reminds us that if there’s one thing that’s always hot, it’s women and women helping women, whether it’s fashion designer Eileen Fisher supporting the Women’s Enterprise Development Center in White Plains or Sabra Krock supporting Living Beyond Breast Cancer or Nancy Armstrong serving as the catalyst for the capital behind “Makers,” a PBS’ document about the feminist movement. (See Patricia’s story.)

And speaking of women, we’d be remiss if we didn’t give a shout-out to our own new red-hot mama, Andrea. She and hubby Gannon are the proud parents of Stellan Daniel, who arrived right on time Easter weekend.

I miss Andrea. I miss her contributions more. And I look forward to her return.

And since Stellan is so good at deadlines already, I might just start him out on the Oops box.

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