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This month, Swiss-based Valmont launches several new products in its ever-expanding universe of fragrant, luxurious treatments designed to brighten and lighten you.

This month, Swiss-based Valmont launches several new products in its ever-expanding universe of fragrant, luxurious treatments, designed to brighten and lighten you as we head into spring.

The new DetO2x Pack — fabulous in its fun fizziness — contains six packets of an oxygenating bubble mask, made with nasturtium flower extract and liposomes from Swiss apple cells and Swiss garden cress sprouts for a more even, radiant complexion. (Simply apply the mask all over the face, wait for the bubbles to disappear in about 10 minutes and rinse. Use it as a pick-me-up or once a week with another Valmont mask.) $170.

Speaking of masks, Valmont has released its Moisturizing With A Mask, which bowed in 2016, in a new, limited edition 100ml container. Rosa moschata and shea butter are among the ingredients in this anti-aging product, designed to decrease wrinkles and sagging. $250.

Among the products we were most excited to see during the Zoom launch was the Hydra3 Eye Serum, which targets one of our bête noires — dark circles. Polymatrix DNA, youth liposome and an anti-dark circle peptide give eyes a livelier appearance. Dab on the product around the eye or apply some on the eye roller that is a gift with purchase to cool the eye and reduce puffiness. $136, with $10 of every purchase going to the One Drop Foundation from March 22 (World Water Day) through the end of May to provide the underserved with safe drinking water.

The Zoom launch also introduced the press and influencers to the latest fragrance in Valmont’s Palazzo Nobile collection, Fizzy Mint, a light unisex eau de toilette made of bergamot, fresh mint and verbena that is true to its name. $180.

In honor of Fizzy Mint, we were treated to a refreshing detox session with Dana Childs of Dana Childs Intuitive, in which we breathed in and out to a count of four, before we “retoxed,” so to speak, with a cocktail lesson (see sidebar) from Cody Goldstein, founder of Muddling Memories.

Fizzy Mint Spritz

  • 1.5 ounce your favorite spirit (gin, vodka or Champagne. For a mocktail, use club soda.)
  • ¾ ounce grapefruit juice
  • ¾ ounce spiced cranberry juice
  • ¾ ounce lemon juice
  • ¾ ounce elderflower juice
  • 3 spritz mint essence (or use fresh mint garnish)

Add all the ingredients except the mint essence and the liquor (or club soda) to a shaker with ice. Shake vigorously for five to 10 seconds. Strain the mixture into a tall glass with fresh ice. Top with club soda/liquor and spritz with mint essence. Garnish with a spice-dusted cranberry skewer.

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