Flat-out flair from Ethan Abramson

The innovative Flat Bowl and the sleek Steel Forest collection mark the latest work from Ethan Abramson.

WAG introduced Westchester furniture designer Ethan Abramson in the pages of our June 2014 issue, having met him at that year’s Architectural Digest Home Design Show in Manhattan.

The feature detailed his designs, including handcrafted chairs and tables, as well as his commitment to being a New York-based company devoted to American-made, environmentally conscious handcrafted furniture.

It was another unplanned meeting, this time at ICFF in late May, that sparked this follow-up.

Abramson’s booth at ICFF, the prestigious International Contemporary Furniture Fair held at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, featured a striking example from his Steel Forest collection.

Assuring us he was still “chugging along,” he shared that, “We jumped into metal this year.”

Fans of Abramson’s distinctive handcrafted wood creations need not fear, however. He pulled out his phone to show us examples of the Flat Bowl, an innovative tabletop design — a contemporary touch for any kitchen or ideal hostess gift. Available in cherry, walnut or white oak, the bowl resembles an artist’s palette ready to cradle an array of fruits or vegetables.

With Abramson sharing his ICFF booth with fellow Mamaroneck designer Luke Kelly, of Luke Lamp Co., the guys were — as they should have been — all about making connections and showcasing their work. As it wasn’t the most conducive setting for an interview, we asked Abramson to share more details after the show had closed.

Tell us a bit about ICFF — why you chose to exhibit there, how the show went for you, etc.

“I have shown at ICFF for the last three years and it has always been good to me. Whenever that many furniture and design-minded people converge into one space, that’s where I want to be. This year was the best show yet, with an amazing response to the shop’s new line.”

You mentioned having added metal work — and we saw that lovely table at ICFF. What are your latest designs — and what led you to start working in metals?

“This year I introduced the Steel Forest Series, pieces made from steel with wood accents. Metal has always been present in my custom pieces, but this year I decided to make it the feature. After building solid-wood furniture for almost a decade, it is very freeing to work with a new material. Design ideas that used to be impossible with wood are now open to me.

“This has been a big year for firsts, having added mirrors to the collection as well. We also showed our new Cornerstone Mirrors to very positive reviews.”

Tell us about the Flat Bowl, a really striking design.

“The Flat Bowl is an idea that I have always played with but never took to the next step. When I decided to add home goods to my production line, it was the obvious first choice. I like the fact that there is no right way to use it. You can stack and restack in any display you are drawn to.” 

How’s it going in Mamaroneck? What makes it continue to be a good space for you and the business?

“The area I work in Mamaroneck is great. I need to be inspired by things outside of the furniture world as much as I can, and here there are so many different industries going on that every day I see something new.”

For more, visit ethanabramson.com.

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