Flavors of the sea at Mediterraneo

Before the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, WAG had the pleasure of dining at Mediterraneo in White Plains, a farm-to-table restaurant most appropriately named for its coastal cuisine.

And what a pleasure it was.

Located in the heart of the city, Mediterraneo is characterized by its romantic blend of food, wine and atmosphere. The chef’s marriage of delectable flavors and fresh aromas, coupled with a deep wine list and the ultra-modern architecture of the newly renovated building at 189 Main St., brings the sensual, Manhattan-style experience much closer to home.

WAG was cheerfully welcomed into the three-story glass building – which has sat vacant since its construction in 2010 – and seated in the main dining room. The upstairs, adorned with a rich emerald-accent wall reminiscent of the sea, offers a more private experience, while the downstairs also boasts a privacy room that seats up to 30 people, though the entire restaurant can be customized to accommodate booked parties.

A helping of freshly made, creamy hummus made its way to the table first, while a waiter presented a selection of four different breads to choose from. WAG opted for a piece of focaccia and pumpernickel, though the hummus, with a consistency akin to butter, would have complemented any of the choices.

The shrimp and vegetable chowder with spicy smoked sausage was smooth and creamy, the perfect remedy to lift the chill of a crisp winter evening. The spiciness of the sausage, finely chopped and sprinkled throughout, offered an unexpected pop of flavor. And though the shrimp was the focal ingredient, it didn’t overpower the other flavors. 

The lobster and butternut squash ravioli offered richness with every bite, from the creaminess of the lobster filling to the sauce coating each piece of pasta, while the crispy potato gnocchi salad with red grapes, goat cheese, trevisano and frisee offered an unusual but satisfying textural experience.

The standout dish, though, was the charred Spanish octopus with sliced potatoes, dried chorizo, sofrito and preserved lemon. The octopus, cooked to perfection, could have stood alone as its own dish. Our only complaint is that we didn’t order more. 

It had been a long and cold day for WAG, so instead of opting for the many exotic wine selections, we “wound down” with coffee, which, like the fare, was also rich in flavor.

With the lights turned low, candles adorning every table and views of the downtown city through the tall glass windows, Mediterraneo appears the perfect “date night” destination – especially for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. 

Mediterraneo is located at 189 Main St. in White Plains, with additional locations in Greenwich and Norwalk. For more, call 914-448-8800 or visit zhospitalitygroup.com/mediterraneowhiteplains

– Aleesia Forni contributed to this story.

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