Fun with flowers

Spring makes us want to throw open the windows and refresh our homes. The fastest way to do that is with a vase of fresh flowers, an instant redecorating tool.

I love it when the days turn warmer, the sun shines longer and everything starts growing and blooming. Spring makes us want to throw open the windows and refresh our homes. The fastest way to do that is with a vase of fresh flowers, an instant redecorating tool. I always have fresh flowers in my home and, as the seasons change, so do my flower choices. Spring brings the bulb plants first — tulips, daffodils and hyacinths. As summer draws closer, lilacs, roses and other garden flowers fill my vases, many handpicked from my gardens.

Sometimes I like to quiet down the color in my home and select all single-color flowers to decorate with. Other times I love to mix a riot of colors to give my home a more bohemian vibe. I also love mixing two intense colors in one vase. One of my all-time favorite combinations is fuchsia and orange roses mixed together. All of these options allow us to give our homes a fresh update with minimal cost and within a short time frame that we can continue to enjoy as the seasons change.

Fashion in clothing and home also changes over time. We all get tired of gray homes and minimal patterns. Home design is becoming colorful and patterned again with traditional wallpapers, many of which are floral. These designs, many reworked from older traditional designs in newer updated colors, are giving home decorating new life. Walking into a wallpapered, floral patterned bedroom always makes me smile. It reminds me of the beautiful English countryside and creates a deep sense of home and relaxation. For me, it creates that personal oasis away from the world. If you are afraid to go floral in your bedroom, start with a powder room or guest bedroom.

Another great place to bring the garden indoors is the dining room. A vase of fresh flowers works wonders for your dining table. Floral window treatments are another way to keep the garden blooming all year long. Floral wallpaper evokes the feeling of dining in a garden and without pesky insects. Does a completely floral room overwhelm your senses?  If so, look for artwork that is floral- or garden- inspired to bring life into minimalist spaces.

There are so many artists who are inspired by flowers and nature and incorporate them into their artwork. Collect paintings, photographs and sculpture that depict or evoke nature. Are you still not letting go of your neutral grays? Then continue the neutral theme with beautiful black and white photographs of flowers or landscapes that may be the way to bring the garden into your home in a more modern graphic way. 

If your home is already colorful, just continue with lush peonies and roses.  Heavily scented flowers can be overwhelming so it’s best to leave highly fragrant blossoms out of the dining room because floral scents can interfere with gastronomic ones.

Still, don’t be afraid to experiment with flowers in your home. Bring them in — cut, potted or framed — and enjoy the way they make you feel.

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