Even though Ryan Lochte’s laid-back attitude is part of what makes him a teammate, fan and journalist favorite, there are three areas in Ryan’s life where chill is just not cool.  At home in Gainesville, Ryan, the custom shoe/clothing/bling collector, keeps a meticulously organized, surprisingly tidy pad.  In the pool, Ryan swims focused, hard and fast.  In the gym, his exercises are purposeful; his movements, efficient and his effort, maximum.  Ryan is proof that even long-haired (well, formerly long-haired), rap-loving surfer dudes can be intense when it matters – like on cleaning day.

Here are two more exercises, modified from Ryan’s training program, for you to add to your circuit.  For top results, take a cue from Ryan: Every time you hit the gym, give it your all.  Focus on your breathing, activate your core and visualize your muscles contracting and relaxing through every rep.

Backwards Lunges with Scaptions (= Ryan’s chain raises)

Area worked – shoulders, legs, core

  1. Holding light weights (around 5 pounds), stand with feet together, arms down by sides, palms facing body.
  2. Extend right leg backward and bend left leg to form a 90-degree angle between the left hip, knee and ankle.  As you step back, raise arms to shoulder level at a 45-degree angle, thumbs facing the ceiling.
  3. Lowering arms, return to standing position to complete one rep.  Alternate legs and repeat 10 (men) to 15(women) times.

Cable Wood Chops (= Ryan’s ax wood chops)

Area worked – core

The twisting motion of this move makes it extremely important that you tighten your abs to protect your low back.

1) Adjust cable arm to highest level.  Stand sideways, right hip closest to the machine. The closer your feet are to one another, the harder the move will be.   Twisting slightly to the right at the waist, grasp one handle with both hands, fingers either interlocked or right hand over left.

2) With arms straight, bring them across the body in one slow, sweeping motion, from high to low, allowing your head to follow your hands throughout the move.  End with hands below left hip and body twisted slightly to the left.

3) Return to starting position and repeat 15 times.  Switch sides.

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