I Am More Scarsdale, founded by women helping women

The women’s boutique provides exclusive products and customer service, while calling attention to noteworthy issues affecting women.

Guests entering I Am More Scarsdale are struck by the store’s logo.

But what appears to be a dazzling design, adorned with captivating calligraphy, actually represents a deeper message, with words of encouragement like “strong,” “fierce,” “capable,” “sexy,” “smart” and “loved.” 

The women’s retail boutique, which is dedicated to providing exclusive merchandise and an even “more” exclusive experience, is all about women’s empowerment.

“The concept behind the store is basically the mantra, ‘I am more,’” says Abbey Solomon, who co-owns the store with Marcy Berman-Goldstein. 

Stylish handbags and clutches for any occasion. Photograph by Danielle Renda.

The idea, she explains, began with the letters A and M, which represent Abbey and Marcy. But they quickly evolved into something greater.

“Take a word from our mantra,” she says, pointing to the logo. “Whatever you want to be. Whatever you need. It’s women empowering women. We want everyone to feel good when they leave here.”

At first glance (and second, and third), it’s clear the store has everything, with merchandise ranging from jeans and blouses in leather, suede and fur materials, to boots and shoes, accessories and housewarming gifts, at all price points.

Nearly every item has a story, some with inspirational messages.

The store features fine jewelry from Eden Presley, a brand that embellishes its bracelets and necklaces with quotes such as “Count your blessings, “To thine own self be true,” and “Take me as I am,” with the option to customize. Select items from Tambonita, a collection of handwoven purses in an array of sparkling colors, are available from up-and-coming designer Tamara Aida Diaz  while the artwork on the walls showcases the talents of Harrison-based mixed media artist Jenn Lewis.

Each item that enters the store is only available for a set period of time.

“We try to keep it unique and we don’t want everyone to have the same thing,”  Solomon says. “So once we’re done with it, we’re done with it. We like to keep it constantly changing.” 

The products and service go hand in hand. Solomon and Berman-Goldstein make it a point to provide excellent customer service to every potential patron who walks through their door. It’s all about treating others the way they’d like to be treated, say the owners.

Festive handbags, including Tambonita’s Red Eve with Silver Chain, $485. Photograph by Danielle Renda.

“We’ve been to the stores where you walk in, and it’s like ‘Pretty Woman,’ and you just think to yourself, ‘Nobody’s helping me,’” Berman-Goldstein says. “We acknowledge every single person that walks through the door.”

For these ladies, it was fundamental to create an atmosphere that radiates optimism and inspiration, akin to the store’s message. More often than not, shoppers will drop in to chitchat and hang out, sometimes for hours, talking with the bubbly owners. (As long as they’re not busy, of course.)

“Some days, people just come in and chat,” Berman-Goldstein says. “And people we don’t even know come in, and they’ll start feeling so comfortable that they’ll tell us their life stories. And they’ll say, ‘I can’t believe I just shared that.’ And we say, ‘It’s OK. It’s not leaving here.’ People just have that sense of security when they come in here.”

“I mean, everyone has a story,” Solomon adds. “Everyone needs an outlet and a place. We always say, ‘What happens in I Am More, stays in I Am More.’”

The owners reflect their store name. Berman-Goldstein, a mother of three, is a board-certified radiologist, specializing in women’s imaging, and has been an active member since 2010 of the Junior League of Central Westchester, an organization of women from Scarsdale, White Plains, Greenburgh and Eastchester that is dedicated to bettering the community. Solomon, also a mother of three, holds a master’s degree in early education and has dedicated years to working in the retail industry, along with helping her father manage the family-owned business, Posman Books. 

Some of the store’s most popular jewelry includes the gold-beaded bracelets pictured above. Photograph by Danielle Renda.

The women are also using their talents to host events dedicated to women’s issues. Shortly after the store’s opening, they held a breast cancer talk — featuring Dr. Stephanie Sims and Dr. Pam Weber, both of White Plains Hospital Imaging Center at New Rochelle — with 100 percent of the evening’s proceeds going to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, along with 10 percent of the evening’s sales.

“I think that’s what brought us to create the store and come up with the bigger concept,” Berman-Goldstein says. “It was the idea of what we can bring here that’s missing and not just another brick-and-mortar store, but a concept.”

This month, the women are hosting an event dedicated to fostering positive body images. The evening, which will benefit the Westchester County Food Bank, is slated to take place Jan. 10 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. It will feature Jennie J. Kramer, the founder and executive director of Metro Behavioral Health Associates Eating Disorders Center and co-author of “Overcoming Binge Eating for Dummies,” and Ilyse Schapiro, a dietician and nutritionist  and the co-author of “Should I Scoop Out My Bagel?” 

At I Am More Scarsdale, patrons can find a a blouse, enjoy great conversation with two entrepreneurial spirits and leave feeling good about themselves — along with an invite to an upcoming educational, women-focused event.   

Because, according to Solomon and Berman-Goldstein, there’s no reason that a store can’t sell great products while standing for something even greater. 

I Am More Scarsdale is at 6 Spencer Place in Scarsdale. For more, visit iammorescarsdale.com or call 914-723-6673. 

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