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Sisley Paris, the luxe French beauty line with American headquarters in White Plains, keeps upping its game with new skin, hair and makeup products.

We begin where Sisley began, with the skin on your face. The Radiance Foaming Cream  is just that — a particularly airy, creamy product, made with peony, grapefruit and ginkgo biloba extracts, along with vitamin B5, betaine, glucerine and coco-glucoside to exfoliate and moisturize while removing your makeup.

Complement this with the Velvet Sleeping Mask, designed to be used once or twice a week. Its ingredients — which include saffron flower, orange flower, Japanese lilyturf and Padina pavonica extracts; macadamia and cottonseed oils; kokum and shea butters; glycerin, vitamin B5 and thyme honey, a key new Sisley component — are blended to hydrate and nourish your skin overnight.

Hair doesn’t begin and end with each strand. The scalp also requires attention. Sisley’s Hair Rituel line has added a Pre-Shampoo Purifying Mask that uses white clay, Java tea celery seed and artichoke leaf extracts, Moringa peptides and cotton proteins to clean and condition the scalp. Apply it to the scalp on dry hair once or twice a week, massaging it in, then rinsing before shampooing.

Just as scalp care is an essential part of hair care so your nails are an important aspect of hand care. The new Restorative Hand Cream is especially designed for dry cuticles and nails, using a biosaccharide solution, a plant-based sugar, chestnut extract, sweet almond oil, vitamins B5 and B6 and a cocktail of minerals (including zinc, copper and magnesium) to make hands supple and nails healthy. (The hand cream even uses a new cryoprotectant active ingredient based on scientific research in Antarctica.)

Last but certainly not least is the Phyto-Ombre Eyeshadow in 20 luminous colors made of mother-of-pearl, ultra pure pigments, camellia seed, rosehip and green tea and white lily extracts to create or accent a dazzling eye without a cakey look. 

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