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Time is a precious commodity in today’s harried world. I create homes that families can recharge in, entertain in, care for their families in and just enjoy.

Time is a precious commodity in today’s harried world.  I create homes that families can recharge in, entertain in, care for their families in and just enjoy. Everyone wants his own space and to design it for his own pleasure and to suit the lifestyle he has.  

When creating spaces it’s important to understand how you live in your home. I like to make sure there are private and public spaces, rooms in which family members can work or read quietly or have enough space to host a dinner party. With smaller areas, I try to create flex spaces so that pieces can easily be moved around to suit different needs at different times. 

A beautifully and thoughtfully designed home takes time. I often see spaces that are really not well-thought- out and designed, creating dissatisfied homeowners. Most clients have a good idea of how they live and how they would like to live in their homes. Many homeowners do have good taste. They are just not able to execute it well. That is where a professional can come in and help edit down and add pieces to create a home that is both functional and beautiful.  With so many easily purchased items available on the internet, clients don’t often realize there is a whole world of bespoke pieces available to them through designers. Depending on budget considerations, it’s wonderful to mix in those special pieces. They elevate your home to a more personal retreat. Many times those bespoke items take time to create specifically for you. It is worth it. It’s a luxury that makes your home feel special to you. Don’t be afraid to treat yourself well. It’s great to walk into your home and know after all the hard work you do out in the world every day, you can come home to something very special created just for you. 

Sometimes a magical afternoon is staying curled up on a sofa you can sink into with a warm cozy blanket wrapped around you, a hot toddy and a great book that you have been wanting to read for a long time or watching a movie with family and friends — that feeling of not having to go anywhere but to just recharging at home. Everyone has a different idea of what luxury is to him. The job of a professional designer is assist homeowners in unlocking their home’s potential.

If you are designing a home, it is worth it to take the extra time and wait for the items that you have selected. I learned long ago that I am much happier with waiting to do the space correctly rather than to keep throwing dollars at a room that never ends up looking cohesive. 

I always suggest to clients on a budget to target the area you want to start first and complete that room or area before moving on to the next room.  

There are also timelines that should be considered when renovating or decorating your home. Contractors need the items they are installing in a project in a timely manner. Designers can keep clients focused by making sure selections are made and items are ordered and delivered to ensure a smooth project completion.  All of the messy renovations should be done first. Once the messy work is done, then you can move on to installing the furniture, wallpapers, window treatments, etc. This takes time and, if schedules are not adhered to, projects can take far longer than they should.  A great team can keep the project focused and the end result is happy homeowners.

To save time, I suggest starting with your end goal and a realistic completion date. Work the timetable backward and then you will be able to see what the time frames are for completing each part of the project in order to have it finished on time. Factor in the estimated time of arrival for your products and add in a little extra time for back-ordered items and unforeseen obstacles. It takes time to gather your ideas and a team to create a beautifully finished custom project. Don’t rush it because you will be living with your choices far longer than waiting for them to arrive. 

Take the time to enjoy the process of creating a carefully curated, custom-designed and decorated home. The process of creating your vision of home is both fun and interesting. The end result is a home that is uniquely yours.

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