Ladies, time for your own ‘cave’

For women, a walk-in closet can be their own private space.

For most of us women, the idea of our own totally customized walk-in closet is equivalent to a marvelous “she cave,” and a dream come true. As I look around my own overstuffed walk-in closet full of shoes, clothes and belts I dream of an organized closet with everything in its own place. (My husband does not believe this is possible with me). If you are thinking of creating the ultimate closet, here are some ideas that will be sure to make you swoon.

Make your closet glamorous and unique to your personal lifestyle. Many larger homes are now featuring smaller master bedrooms with separate his and hers walk-in closets. I use the term closet loosely since these are more often a room connected to or through the master suite. Many clients I work with have taken over one of their children’s rooms once they leave for college or move out to start their own lives. Closets can be completely customized to suit your needs. Clothes can be sectioned into gym wear, casual dress and dressy. Clothes can also be color coded and organized by use. Closets can be designed with glass doors so that you can see and keep track of your clothes, feature your designer bags on shelves and include drawers that lock for your jewelry, belts, scarves and gloves. A valet hook is always great to keep an outfit ready to go. 

Of course, a large area designated for shoe and boot storage would be a must. Don’t forget plenty of room to hang your dresses and slacks. For my closet, I’d like to have an island to lay my clothes out on and drawers in the island for storage. I’d definitely want a fabulous light fixture and seating.  Don’t forget a full-length mirror and luxe carpeting. Some closets have features such as a mini beauty salon so that you can have your hair blown out and a manicure station for a truly glam night out. You can also feature a mannequin that can be custom made to your size specifications so that you can dress the mannequin before your big night and see how you will look. I know that sounds excessive, but if you go to a lot of black-tie galas it can be helpful especially once you have your gorgeous clothes just pressed.

Other walk-in closets that double as a woman’s space can also work as her office with a desk and computer to get an early start on work before leaving for the day. I often start work early with a huge cup of coffee and who wouldn’t love to do that in your own beautiful and quiet she cave/ closet? A TV would also be great to catch up on the morning news as you are getting ready for the day, as well as a great makeup table. Make sure your closet has plenty of light and hangers to keep your clothes in the best possible shape. I prefer a combination of wood hangers for heavier coats and velvet or padded hangers for dresses and blouses.  

Organization is key to any closet renovation. It’s a good idea to section your items into winter and summer clothes. This keeps seasonal clothing at your fingertips. I also recommend taking the time to clean out your closet each season. This ensures getting rid of things you no longer wear, and it allows you to figure out what you need to fill in your wardrobe. 

If we broaden the definition of the she cave, it can  be a nice place to escape your daily routine for a bit, maybe, just to read and unwind. Design and decorate it with colors and elements that please you. If you have smaller closets and still want them glamorous and personal, then wallpaper the insides or paint them a shade of your favorite color. This is a way to give your closet interiors a fun element of surprise and a sense of luxury that is really only for you. 

There are many ways to create a stylish and functional closet that can help you jumpstart your day or unwind in at the end of it.

Enjoy the process and definitely include that element of surprise when you open your closet to look for that favorite pair of jeans or boots.

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