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Ditch the mascara and sleep in. We tried a lash lift from Hott Lash in Armonk for longer looking, curled eyelashes with the hopes of cutting a few minutes off of our morning routine.

My 17-year-old sister, Peyton, added an interesting new item to her back-to-school shopping list — an eyelash lift. Not to be outdone by a mere teen, I decided it was time to bite the bullet and try one for myself.

My everlasting quest for longer, curlier eyelashes began at a young age. I was 12 when I first snuck an eyelash curler (along with a classic pink and green tube of Maybelline Great Lash) out of my mother’s makeup bag and discovered how much more awake and feminine I looked after a few pumps of the curler. As I grew older, however, the combination of waterproof mascara and curling my lashes daily led to brittleness and, once, even ripping out all of the eyelashes from my left eye while rushing to get ready for school one morning. Take it from me:  It is very difficult to play field hockey on a steamy turf field without eyelashes to stop sweat from dripping into your eye. 

Eyelash extensions came on the scene a few years back and have boomed in popularity thanks to their dramatic effects. But, after seeing mixed results from friends, I’ve been wary to try them myself due to the fear of my eyelashes looking shorter as the extensions naturally fall out. A lash lift, however, promises beautifully curled, longer looking lashes for six to eight weeks and, coupled with a lash tint, can leave your natural lashes looking like you swiped on a few coats of mascara. The curl itself makes your lashes appear longer, and all without any extensions needed. 

Hott Lash, a new subsidiary of Hott Blow Dry & Beauty Bar, opened in Armonk last April.  Samantha DeVito, a certified cosmetologist and an employee at Hott Blow Dry, helped the brand to expand its menu of services by becoming its first eyelash expert. The new salon, just a few steps away from the original, full-service location, offers eyelash extensions, lifts, tints and more. After seeing before and after photos of lash lifts on the salon’s Instagram page, I scheduled an appointment immediately.

When I arrived, Samantha was warm and friendly, which made the idea of lying on a table for an hour or more much less daunting. Explaining each step as she went along, she began by gently wiping away any traces of my makeup from that day and applied barriers to my lower lashes. She then placed a rod on my eyelids and carefully brushed my lashes onto the rod, applying a perm-like solution to set them into that curled position. A half-hour later, my lashes were beautifully curled. She then tinted them black for that just-applied-mascara look. 

After the lift, I looked in the mirror and saw that my stick-straight lashes had been transformed to look long and fluttery, even without makeup. Since the treatment, I have had no need for mascara and my eyelash curler now hibernates in the depths of my makeup drawer. And, best of all, you can carry on with your normal routine after a lift. With extensions, you have to avoid water for at least 48 hours and be extra gentle with your lashes to avoid fallout. 

The lash lift allows you to continue using mascara if you so please, and you only have to wait a day after the procedure before showering. Weeks later, I’m still shocked that even my notoriously hard-to-curl lashes have held up to the treatment.  I highly recommend it to anyone looking to cut down on the time of her morning routine and feel more confident from the get-go. 

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