Lymph Candy offers a clean approach

Megan Hartman-Sparks and Pierre Andre were new parents fed up with what they have called “the lack of transparency in the cosmetic industry.”

Leery of harsh chemicals in everyday personal-care products and determined to offer their young son, now 17-month-old Charles, “chemical-free snuggle sessions,” the couple decided to take action.

The result is Lymph Candy, a Brooklyn-based deodorant line focused on bringing a nontoxic product to the global marketplace. Formulated to be highly effective with just six ingredients, the creations of Lymph Candy are also designed to promote lymphatic health.

As Hartman-Sparks and Andre share in their promotional materials, “Through our own research studying the biology of the human body for our own health, through various outlets, we know a properly functioning lymphatic system is one key to optimal overall health. For this reason, we have created Lymph Candy to stay out of the way of your body’s own ability to naturally detox through the lymphatic system.”

The effort is a true collaboration. Hartman-Sparks, who has experience in retail and advertising, serves as chief marketing officer, overseeing supplier relationships, business logistics and strategic partnerships. Andre, a school social worker, has long studied health-related topics. He serves as the chief knowledge officer and hand-makes each batch to ensure quality production.

In early days, the pair found themselves creating a deodorant that they began giving away to friends and family. It was officially launched as a business in July of 2016 and grew into a small thriving operation in their home.

Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, it continues to grow. 

The products are available in two sizes, three strengths and, in addition to unscented, in lavender, lemongrass, lime, geranium and cedarwood.

Between fulfilling hundreds of Kickstarter rewards (Lymph Candy products sent to people who contributed to the funding campaign), Hartman-Sparks took a few moments to answer some questions for WAG.

How has the company taken off in its early months?

“Our company has taken off in its early months through a very validating Kickstarter campaign that was 200 percent funded, raising $11,000. We’ve been in beauty boxes, partnered with Stand Up to Cancer in Nigeria, partnered with Instagram personalities on promotions and seen weekly online sales grow consistently. We are excited to announce we are an official FounderMade Wellness Partner and we’re part of their entrepreneur network.”

When creating this product, whom did you envision as your main customers and has that been proven true so far?

“We envisioned our main customers as ingredient-conscious. These people are reading labels, concerned about toxins and willing to step out of their comfort zone. This has been proven true as our customer base is partially made up of those ‘recovering from long-term chronic illness,’ some fitness professionals and mainly the holistic-minded, who are aware of the dangers of long-term toxic chemical use. They are evangelizing the nontoxic movement and sharing their findings with friends and family, including Lymph Candy.”

What is the most important thing you want people to know about this venture?

“The most important thing we want people to know about Lymph Candy is that we are foremost prioritizing everyone’s health as evidenced by the choice of ingredients. That our goal is to educate folks on what ingredients are impacting their health, good or bad. Hoping people will take this info and make a conscious effort to switch to nontoxic products, especially Lymph Candy. We want people to know it’s important to take control of their health, read labels, understand the impact of toxic chemicals and that the ability to change is within their control.”

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