Made to order

D’Errico Jewelers is like a fine watch whose mechanisms are contained in a transparent case.

While many jewelers do on-site repairs and custom-made work, D’Errico puts creation — and recreation — front and center, enabling you to watch, often while you wait. It’s a concept carried out even to its distinctive log cabin home on Central Avenue in Greenburgh.

“We wanted to build something that looked handmade,” says Sal D’Errico, who co-owns the business with his brother, Richie. “So, we built a jewelry box.”

The store, which has a satellite in Mount Kisco, is known for its custom work.

“If you can hallucinate it, we can bring it to life,” Sal D’Errico says. “Anything can be made.”

Clients provide a concept — whether in the form of a necklace, bracelet, ring or earrings, — and the design team translates it into a drawing within 10 to 15 minutes. If approved, the drawing is then digitally converted into a three-dimensional design. For rings specifically, the digital version is sent to a 3-D printer, which prints a wax model, allowing clients to inspect the ring prior to its final approval. This service is particularly popular for sizing wedding bands to fit engagement rings.

“The word ‘custom,’ is not more expensive,” D’Errico says. “Because it’s done here, by us.”

The project then goes to the processing room, where it is turned into precious metal, such as rose, white or yellow gold; platinum; or silver. The jeweler then files, cleans and details the metal before it’s pre-polished. Then the gemologist handpicks the stones and gives the materials to the stone-setter, who delicately places the stones. The piece is given a final polish, which may include a special finish, and the project is inspected one last time.

“And then you take home your one of a kind,” D’Errico says.

The store also repairs pieces while you wait.

“Say you’re getting out of the car, your necklace gets caught and three of its stones come off. But it goes with your outfit and you want to want to wear it today,” D’Errico says. “You don’t want to wear it in three weeks, you want to wear it tonight. So, you come in with it and we repair whatever is broken, while you wait.”

And if that’s not convenient enough, D’Errico also does ear piercing and one-on-one appraisals that are certified by the Gemological Institute of America.

“There’s one thing that you definitely will never get here, and that’s a ‘No,’” D’Errico says. “Nobody is allowed to say ‘No,’ ever.”

The company began in a bedroom in the D’Erricos’ childhood home, blossoming from a simple metal ring that Richie configured from a spoon in Lehman High School’s jewelry shop class.

“It was my brother and me,” Sal D’Errico says. “We started out in a bedroom. From there, we bought a one-family house and set up shop in the garage, with a studio as the first showroom.”

In 1988, the brothers opened their first store in the Bronx, which remained there for 10 years. They then decided to relocate, purchasing a plot of land on which they built their log cabin.

“It was a really big deal. We were either going to make it, or we weren’t, and it turned out to be a really nice thing,” D’Errico says. “It was a big move to come up here. It’s 20 years ago now, but sometimes when I pull up to it, I still can’t believe it.”

D’Errico Jewelers is at 509 Central Park Ave. in Greenburgh and 159 Main St. in Mount Kisco. For more, call 914-722-1940 or 914-864-2688.

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