May Lindstrom’s organic luxury skincare

Available at Organachs Farm to Skin in Westport, the line redefines the self-care regimen with products that “blissfully bookend” your day.

Indulging in exquisite recipes shouldn’t be limited to diet.

May Lindstrom believes that the hardworking epidermis deserves some TLC, too. 

She created her line, May Lindstrom Skin — which is available at Organachs Farm to Skin in Westport — using a blend of natural ingredients sourced directly from Mother Earth. 

May Lindstrom Skin includes the Youth Dew, a balancing facial serum that hydrates the skin using a blend of 20 plants and botanical oils, $140. To help with the application process of her masques, she offers a Masque Treatment Bowl, $40, and a
Facial Treatment Brush, $30. Courtesy Organachs Farm to Skin.

And she didn’t take any shortcuts in blending the organic, cruelty-free and sustainable ingredients in her California home.

 “In the conventional beauty world, luxury has been affiliated with a lot of brands that are filled with synthetics and chemicals,” says Siobhan McKinley, owner of Organachs Farm to Skin. “In this case, it’s the opposite

 “It’s a simple, yet decadent skincare line,” McKinley adds. “She really talks about how it’s important for her to create blissful bookends in the day, whether it’s in the morning or in the evening, just creating a time for self-care.”

As a teenager and adult with problem skin, Lindstrom initially created the formulas to address her own challenges. She experimented with a host of products, none of which seemed to help. As she grew older, her sensitivity to chemicals in conventional skincare only seemed to worsen. So she quit searching and concocted her own solution.

Lindstrom’s products include the Pendulum Potion, a complete cleansing oil, $80; the Honey Mud, a gentle enzyme cleanse and masque, $90; the Clean Dirt, a brightening exfoliate treatment, $70; the Problem Solver, a warming correcting masque, $100; the Youth Dew, a balancing facial serum, $140; the Blue Cocoon, a beauty balm concentrate, $180; the Jasmine Garden, a botanical face mist, $70; and the Good Stuff, a body and hair radiance oil, $120. For application, Lindstrom sells a Masque Treatment Bowl, $40, and a Facial Treatment Brush, $30. All of the products, with the exception of the Honey Mud — which contains raw wildflower honey from unsprayed fields — are vegan and wheat- and gluten-free. 

To ensure their ultimate freshness, Lindstrom handcrafts and bottles her products in small batches. 

“She created a product line out of her own needs,” McKinley says. “She really believes that our skin can heal itself if you let it, and these are the ingredients that are going to aid in doing that for you.”

Organachs Farm to Skin is at 15 Post Road in Westport. For more, visit, or call 203-221-0435. 

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