Come join Jennifer Pappas and Martha Handler on their quest to find the new hot venues, try an exotic new cuisine, or simply muse at the nuances of our quirky culture. They would love to hear your suggestions and make you part of thier WAG world. The monthly Class&Sass column can be found on the last page of the WAG Magazine in print and in our digital book and can be found online at You can also follow Jennifer and Martha’s daily advetures by friending them on facebook as WAG ClassandSass or following them on twitter as wagClassandSass.  Email them here.

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J- Well, another year has come and gone and I am sitting...
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  1. says: Wagger

    Great clip! Loved it. Will definitely follow these lovely ladies. But which is sass and which is class? I guess I will figure it out! The blond looks like Charlize Theron? Will it be a monthly video?
    Posted by PL December 28, 2011 00:09:29

  2. says: Wagger

    Video class and sass
    I agree. I look forward to reading their column. They are both beautiful women!
    Posted by Pjf December 28, 2011 11:33:04

  3. says: Wagger

    Love, love the column…so funny. It’s like you talk about what we all go through, every day! The thing about Christmas and putting together all of those toys until the wee hours of the morning was just great. Haven’t we all done that? ha ha. And you were right. I tried for 20 minutes to get my little boy to sit on Santa’s lap without crying. Not successful. He was terrified! Classic…
    Posted by TC December 30, 2011 09:46:46

  4. says: Wagger

    This column is great. Funny stuff. Loved the “Snookie” bit. Unbelievable. Only in New York! The writing is very descriptive. I can almost see myself there. Looking forward to more…
    Posted by SN January 02, 2012 10:05:05

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