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When Loro Piana’s Fall Caravan rolled into Neiman Marcus Westchester, it brought with it the luxe Italian company’s classic, versatile approach to cashmere clothing.

Featured in WAG’s November 2012 “Choices Made” issue, Loro Piana has been acclaimed as the foremost manufacturer of cashmere and the largest single buyer of the finest wools, seeking out the fleece of Merino sheep in Australia and New Zealand and Hircus goats in Mongolia — as if the company were a latter-day version of Jason and the Argonauts in search of the golden fleece. Indeed, Loro Piana’s signature baby cashmere comes from the first combing of Hircus goat kids’ underbellies — which can only happen once in the animals’ lifetimes and, thus, makes the resulting fabric truly rare.

But cashmere and wool are just two of the materials used in Loro Piana’s buttery-soft offerings. Wild mink, chinchilla, leather, suede and cotton twill are also in the picture. They’re used in gray, tan, cream, black and navy coats, jackets and vests that may reverse, button up or button down; collars that stand at attention against the elements or relax indoors; and riding pants that flatter even as they fit like a second skin.

Among the innovations that were demonstrated by Nony Odum — Loro Piana’s national sales manager for women’s ready-to-wear, far left — were the demicarré, a combination shawl-scarf, featured in seductive blue and an equally beguiling purple and each trimmed in matching couldn’t-stop-touching-it chinchilla; and a gray cashmere scarf that mimicked a sweater thrown over the shoulders but without the bulk.

The pièce de résistance left, however, was a belted black cashmere coat with a chinchilla shawl collar. Simple and, quite simply, a knockout.

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