New RéVive skincare products to restore healthy skin

Gregory Bays Brown noticed a trend in his patients’ requests – cosmetic procedures to restore lifeless skin. Realizing no surgery could resolve these concerns, the Harvard University-trained plastic surgeon founded RéVive, a luxury skincare line.

Brown’s products use renewal epidermal science (RES) technology to recreate the look and feel of flawless skin. RES, along with a biochemical mélange of ingredients, works to recharge cell performance.

“There is nothing surgically that can do what RéVive does to give one the dewy glow and beautiful skin of youth,” Brown has said. “If used as a daily regimen, RéVive can delay plastic surgery and will ultimately decrease the magnitude of any surgical procedure ever desired or needed.”

RéVive offers a selection of products, but its newest include the Perfectif Even Skin Tone Cream and the Perfectif Even Skin Tone Serum, expected to reach shelves nationwide in February.

The new serum and cream dark spot correctors reduce prior damage by creating a smooth, even-toned surface. By eliminating dark spots, the serum reveals the skin’s natural luminosity, while the cream with an SPF of 30 prevents sun damage. Brown recommends that the products be used together for immediate change and continued improvement.

The serum and cream, $325 and $275, respectively, are suitable for all skin types. Apply the serum in the mornings and evenings, after using a cleanser and toner. Apply the cream in the mornings, following use of a cleanser, toner and serum.

In addition to dark spot correctors, RéVive treats the other signs of aging, including wrinkles, enlarged pores and volume and elasticity loss. Other RéVive products treat general skin concerns, such as dryness, acne, sun exposure and dark circles.

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