Rebel with a cause (fine jewelry)

Photographs courtesy of Paige Novick

Paige Novick has the perfect pedigree for a career in fashion. Teen years as a sales associate at the legendary Charivari flagship retail store in Manhattan – check. Forecaster of color and fabric trends at Cotton Inc. – check. President and creative director of Frou by Paige Novick, a handbag (and later also a clothing) store – check, check and check.

But beneath the fashionista was a rebellious jewelry designer waiting to burst forth – which she did in the luxury accessories company she founded in 2008. Her chain collar necklaces, leather cuff and chain bracelets and spiky earrings invite women to get in touch with their inner dominatrix – or perhaps their inner biker chick, ready to speed off into the night with a Brando or Dean.

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1) Paige, your cuff bracelets with chains and your spiky earrings are marvelous variations on the punk theme. What is it about punk that inspires you?

“My inner rebel responds to the dark metals and moody side of punk style.”

2) Apart from your own designs, what’s the most punk thing you own?

“My cropped black leather motorcycle jacket by Preen. I love how it can offset a tailored look for a ‘tough and tender’ effect.”

3) You studied art history at the Sorbonne and worked with Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel in Paris. What prompted you to go into jewelry design?

“My mother has designed fine jewelry for over 30 years. The desire to design jewelry must have been lying dormant in me for a while, because I just woke up one day and decided to do it.”

4) Tell us a little about the materials that go into your designs and where they’re made.

“Mostly, our pieces are made in the U.S. using brass, genuine stones and Swarovski crystals.”

5) What should we look from you for fall?

“Geometric shapes, layered chains, hints of peekaboo and lots of leather.”

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