Recreating yourself, strand by strand

Among the many wonders of being human and the one I appreciate most, is our ability to recreate ourselves. We often hear of people starting over after a great loss or dissatisfaction with the way things are.  I believe when we demonstrate the courage to change, unseen forces come to our aid — perhaps because we are becoming what we were always meant to be. We can then focus more on self- care, which translates into more confidence in how we appear to others and ourselves. 

Let’s start by thinking of our hair as fabric. I learned about the care of fabric from Bill Blass. I was cutting his hair in his dressing room when I noticed a large clothing steamer.  He told me that he had all his clothing steamed and pressed at home as he believed that the chemicals used in the dry cleaning process damaged the fabric.

Like fabric, chemicals can also damage hair.  But unlike fabric, hair can be restored and recreated.  Jen Lang, my model for this story, was also my model for the May issue. Jen is a gifted musician, now studying violin.  I thought we would cut her now- longer hair into the perfect style for playing the violin.  Jen has an exuberant personality — lots of enthusiasm — so I created a haircut that would spin beautifully as she does.  In fact, I am calling this new style, “the Spin.”

After sculpting the new shape, I used the balayage technique — a French approach to applying color softly — to add brightness and a L’Oréal glaze for the ultimate shine. I then gave Jen a full Olaplex treatment to rebuild the bonds in her hair. What a transformation:  Her hair is now in wonderful condition, much like hair that’s never been chemically treated.

Another great recommendation to remove chorine and restore your hair’s natural luster is to use a vitamin C showerhead.  There are several brands available on the market.  Also consider using a Mason Pearson hairbrush.  Its bristles not only feel good while you brush vigorously, they exfoliate and stimulate your scalp to release your body’s own healing oils.  And the stimulation also adds immediate volume to your hair.

After her haircut, Jen asked if we could do an eyelash tint.  The Warren Tricomi Salon’s makeup artist, Jennifer Kovacs, looked in Jen’s eyes and suggested a brow tint and a brow shaping. This just confirmed for me why Jennifer’s talents are always in demand. Tamara Palumbo, also a makeup artist at the salon, offered to fit Jen in for a makeup application. I knew Jen’s makeup would have the perfect look — just enough glow without being too obvious.  It seems the stars were all perfectly aligned in the salon.

I use Fluidissime while blow-drying for a smooth feel and shine and, at the shoot, just a light mist of Warren Tricomi’s Flexible Spray.  The spray allows for versatility that so the style can move yet holds its shape.

We are fortunate to be in a time in the hair industry when there are products that are truly revolutionary. Despite the effects of chemicals and, the natural elements, we can, with their help, recreate the beauty of our natural hair.

As I always say, remember to treat your hair with love and it will never leave you.

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