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At the core of the fashion house created by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana is the Italian man. He’s charming and chic, a smooth talker. He’s masculine and sporty, a true man’s man. He’s on a speedy Vespa some days and a luxury yacht the next. His wardrobe alternates among lived-in motorcycle boots, leather loafers and stylish sneakers. He’s at an opera one night, a steamy nightclub the next and a hometown soccer match the following.

With this dynamic muse in mind, Dolce & Gabbana unveil their latest cologne, The One Sport, which balances the sexy and the athletic sides of men in a light, summery fragrance. Both designers have always shown a fascination with sports culture and history and ambitiously explore fashion’s connection to the fields, courts and pools throughout their collections.

With The One Sport, Dolce & Gabbana return to the glory days of ancient Greece and Rome, where athleticism played an important role in socializing men and balancing physical and mental well-being. Or as the ancients would say: “Mens sana in corpore sano” (“A sound mind in a healthy body.”)

Peruvian fashion photographer Mariano Vivanco, a perennial D&G collaborator, shot The One Sport campaign, featuring model Adam Senn, for whom sports are essential to survival. It’s an idea underscored by the gladiatorial setting of the print and video campaign and Senn’s pose, which mimics the beautifully martyred St. Sebastian of art history. D&G has called the image an “icon of sacrifice, devotion and passion, which allows sportsmen to assert their talent.”

With One Sport, they can do so wearing an eau de toilette that is as clean as it is energetic. Responses from men are notably positive.

“With notes like rosemary, cardamom, patchouli (and) musk, it is definitely a fragrance that can work for many in the summer,” says Craig the Barber, a grooming expert and editor-in-chief of

“The overall design is also very attractive,” he adds of the straightforward glass and acrylic casing, with the only color resting at the top of the bottle’s red pomander and the centered red lettering of the word “Sport.”

D&G’s ties to the sporting community are underscored by “Campioni – Fotografie by Domenico Dolce” (Rizzoli International), which will hit D&G stores this month and bookstores nationwide this fall. Right in line with The One Sport’s message, the 560-page book features 67 black-and-white portraits of soccer players, whose young faces reveal both “strength and innocence,” according to a report in Women’s Wear Daily. There is no product, only people and there is no wardrobe, only uniforms. The $225 book will support AriSLA, which funds research into amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, commonly known as “Lou Gehrig’s disease”.

In many ways, D&G cheers the gladiators of today.

The One Sport eau de toilette is available at select department and specialty stores like Saks Fifth Avenue in three different sizes – 30ml for $45; 50ml for $57; and 100ml for $73. Since the scent is so fresh and cooling, it’s worth taking a look at the line’s other offerings, including after-shave lotion ($49), after-shave balm ($39), shower gel ($33) and deodorant ($26).

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