Sculpting a new look

As I have maintained, your hair can be your best accessory and also a natural material for artistic expression.

We don’t always think of it in that way, and yet, it does have a life and character all its own. By its nature, it offers a unique opportunity for creativity. We can mold and shape it in limitless ways.

There is also an emotional component attached to our hair as well.  It can produce a calming effect as you gently run your fingers through it, or if someone else does it for you.

Conversely, think of all the expressions often used under stress — “I was ready to pull my hair out” or “That was a hair-raising experience.” So it does appear that our emotions can be directly tied to those soft, lovely fibers (that just keep growing) to produce an opportunity for both change and expression.

And the loss of those fibers — through age and/or illness — can color the emotions, too.

As an artist, I have appreciation for this material that has a life of its own — and that has been such an important part of my professional life. I take great care when I am sculpting a shape.

When cutting hair, I use a specific technique. I push each section into the last area, cut and lift a bit and cut again until the shape is formed. The style grows in beautifully from week to week. There is a difference between this method and simple layering, where the style grows out instead of in.

With all the technological enhancements in hair care, your hair, color and condition can be far better than ever before. For fall, have some fun. Multiple tones can add dimension to your color.

As the season unfolds, be sure to condition. Indoor heat can dry your hair.  Kérastase by L’Oréal now has a unique conditioner that can be formulated for your specific hair type, right in the salon.  It is all the rage in the color department at Warren Tricomi.

For styling, I still use Fluidissime by Kérastase on all my clients’ hair for a smooth shine and light feel. You, too, can be an artist with your hair.

Remember: Treat your hair with love and it will never leave you.

Visit Brian at Warren Tricomi Salon, 1 E. Putnam Ave., Greenwich. To book an appointment with him, call 212-262-8899.

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