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What’s is like being a celebrity makeup artist in today’s competitive industry? We talk with Manhattan-based makeup artist Katrina D’Onofrio.

Manhattan makeup artist Katrina D’Onofrio — whom WAG first introduced to you when we wrote about shoe goddess Kristina Cavallo, most recently in our March issue — graduated from Long Island Nail and Skin Care Institute of New York and has since been working as a professional makeup artist ever since. She began her journey as a freelancer catering to brides and local professionals, working with all age groups and specializing in creating the appearance of flawless skin and captivating eyes. Her work became recognized by some of the industry leaders in PR, which then began her career in the celebrity world. Katrina’s work has been featured in print (Us Weekly), TV (Bravo, MTV, Fox News and OK! News) and on the runway (New York Fashion Week). 

Here she gives us the scoop on being a made (up) woman:

How important is makeup to today’s woman?

“Makeup is very important to today’s women. It enables them to feel confident, polished and pulled together no matter the occasion. Social media has created a strong sense of awareness regarding makeup and skin care that even women who don’t normally wear makeup are now looking for ways to get their makeup done by a professional.”

What is the one essential makeup product that every woman should own and use?

“Mascara. Mascara opens your eyes and helps the person look awake. Even their eye color looks more pronounced.”

What’s the biggest mistake that women make in doing makeup?

“The biggest mistake women make with makeup is using their hands. Using your hands not only wastes more makeup than brushes, but can also cause unnecessary breakouts. Our hands contain bacteria from touching surfaces. The most sanitary way to apply makeup is by using clean brushes or a clean beauty blender.”

I have 10 mins in the morning. What is the essential makeup I must use?

“Facial cream containing SPF, concealer, mascara, brow pencil/shadow and lipstick. This can literally be achieved in 10 minutes, helping the person to look polished, awake, younger and ready to conquer the day.”

When and how did you get into the beauty industry?

“I have always had a love for makeup. In my early 20s, I would go to makeup artists to get my makeup done. I would walk out feeling disappointed and dissatisfied with the look. They would give me the complete opposite of what I would ask for and I would go home, take it off, look at the picture and patiently achieve it myself. I started to be very good and people would ask me to do their makeup. Ten years ago, my husband took notice and suggested I start a small business. I went to night school to get certified while I worked in corporate America and my son was still an infant. I began putting myself out there, and my work received attention by individuals in PR. I had no idea I would get this far or find my passion in helping people through makeup. I feel blessed and grateful God put me on this journey and I hope to continue making others feel and look their very best.”

What, in your opinion, is the most important quality in a makeup artist?

“Listening to your clients. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to ask your clients what makeup style they are looking for you to achieve and what they don’t like. This is the very reason I became an artist myself. We are artists yes. However, we are providing a service so in some cases it is our job to help create our clients vision, not the other way around. Also, continuing education is important. If you feel weak in an area, study how to master it. The worst thing you can do as an artist is limit your abilities and not do the best possible job for your client.”

Do you have a signature look? How would you describe it?

“My signature look that everyone seems to request is what I call my “soft glam” look. It’s a combination of a natural, radiant looking face with beautiful seductive eyes. Eyes have to be my favorite feature to work on, making them the focal point everyone notices first, along with their face never looking or feeling “cakey.” As a makeup artist myself, even I don’t want to feel like I have tons of products on my face. Listening to my clients through the years, I’ve mastered how to achieve a beautiful face without layers and layers of makeup to make them look and feel comfortable.”

For more, visit Katrina’s Instagram @makeupbykatrinanyc or

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