Simone Pérèle designs sexy, comfortable and stylish lingerie for the modern woman

“To reveal its whole beauty, let’s begin by liberating the female body,” said the late Mme. Simone Pérèle.

As a professional corset-maker in mid-20th century Paris, Pérèle knew how to accentuate the female silhouette. Using stiffeners to mold the body, corsets created exaggerated shapes like the hourglass. Unlike the modern corset, which is considered a sexy luxury, the early corset was viewed as a necessity as it functioned as a bra.

However, so constricting were the early corsets that they posed health risks and sacrificed comfort for vanity. If laced too tightly, they delayed digestion and limited blood flow, in addition to shifting internal organs in extreme cases.

Noticing this flaw in the corset’s function, Pérèle sought to unleash the female body. With aspirations to embrace the natural figure, she founded Simone Pérèle in 1948.

“A woman should not have to choose between being comfortable and feeling beautiful. She can have it all,” said Pérèle, in a statement that became the brand’s motto.

Pérèle’s first major innovation followed the release of in the 1960s of “Solo Mio,” the first bra collection to use stretchy Lycra lace, instead of the traditional stiff lace or nylon. For the first time, women could maintain their sexuality while comfortably navigating their lifestyles.

Today, the lingerie brand remains loyal to Pérèle’s vision. Managed by her children, Catherine and Philippe, the brand’s creations are still designed in France.

Each piece in the collection is inspired by art, travel and culture, offering its own personality to the wearer. Using luxurious fabrics and embellishments, such as embroideries, laces and ribbons, the curve-hugging lingerie functions as the wearer’s second skin.

The current collections include – “Andora,” the brand’s top-selling T-shirt bra; “Celeste,” Chantilly lace with stretch; “Amour,” with Leavers lace; “Delice,” featuring floral accents; and “Revelation,” designed for the full cup-sized woman. The brand also carries “Top Model,” a modern twist on the corset.

These body-shapers, with a zebra-lace finish, tackle problem areas to smooth the figure. Targeted benefits include tummy flattening and bottom lifting. Available in five styles in beige or black, they range from $68 to $160.

Pérèle’s full-cup bras include protective lining, thicker straps and a wider band for boosted support. With most full-cup bras sized to a G cup and a select few sized to an H, the brand strives to accommodate the more difficult-to-fit bust sizes. Available in nine styles and an array of colors, they range from $78 to $99.

To find the correct size in Pérèle, visit Neiman Marcus Westchester.

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