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Carla Carlson. Photograph by Brian Toohey.
WAG hair stylist Brian Toohey talks with Warren Tricomi colleague Daniel Kline about hair straightening.

The beauty industry is one of the places where art and science come together to create a wonderful synergy.  And while there are many advancements that seem to move quickly in the industry, the development process does in fact take many years.

Consider the Brazilian Blowout, a treatment formulated to relax curls.  My colleague at Warren Tricomi, Daniel Kline, is an expert in this technique, so I spent some time picking his brain. A nice guy, he was happy to oblige. Dan explained that the old technology was limited in its application because it worked well for frizzy hair, whereas the Brazilian Blowout is customized for all hair types. This newer method makes hair more manageable and easy to style, essentially smoothing the hair to reflect more light and add more natural shine. Smooth, shiny and easy to manage — sounds great. And, best of all, it can be done on the same day as a color service and can actually improve the results. It does, however, require an experienced hand that is certified in the technique, and, so here, Dan is the man to see.  

Indeed, no matter what the digital world and robotics have in store, I am happy to say you will always need an experienced stylist to cut your hair. 

Carla Carlson, my model for this column, has been a client for many years. Carla is an author and a poet and has recently published “Love & Oranges’,” a chapbook of poetry.  She has always been on point with her look and open to change. On this visit, I was surprised to hear her daughter Caroline is getting married, especially since there was a recent wedding for Brittney, her eldest. Of course, Carla’s hair had to be outstanding. 

She does have a short style and, as hair is trending shorter, I wanted to refine her cut a bit.  This was the right opportunity to use my three-dimensional haircutting technique to create shape and add finesse — giving her a special something to set her apart.  An artist can have great talent, but it is the practice and development of an individual technique that makes all the difference.  I did add highlights to Carla’s hair, using my preferred method of balayage, which allows me to place the light exactly where I want it.

The stylist-client relationship works best when there is an exchange of ideas.  I enjoy the conversation with my clients — listening carefully to their desires.  This, in turn, influences my creativity and my technique, to make it all happen.

As we embrace all that is new in fashion and style, one thing always remains constant: If you treat your hair with love, it will never leave you.

Visit Brian at Warren Tricomi Salon, 1 E. Putnam Ave., Greenwich. To book an appointment with him, call 212-262-8899.

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