Susan Monahan’s haircut revisited

Susan Monahan models a new cut by Brian Toohey.
Brian Toohey’s do for the Warren Tricomi stylist proved so popular that he refined it.

The style I created for this column shows how a short cut can be soft, feminine, sexy and fun.

Susan Monahan, a fellow stylist at Warren Tricomi, was the model for my column in July WAG. Her haircut received rave reviews so I thought I would build on the cut, but take it in a totally new direction. Shape, balance and proportion with soft, subtle detail make this cut stand out.  

Every haircut is new for me, as my skills are still being perfected after a lifetime of design. Hearing warm responses from clients fills me with joy and enthusiasm and reminds me how much I love what I do. I am planning some new looks for fall. Stay tuned.

But in the meantime summer is still blissfully with us and there are new products for the season that are truly fantastic. Before I recommend products, I like to get feedback from my co-workers. And the consensus was unanimous: L’Oréal continues to be one of the most innovative and quality-conscious companies around. It has an extraordinary research and design team that is constantly coming up with new formulas for hair care that I, along with my fellow stylists, can recommend with confidence. The product Volumetry for blow-drying, gives amazing volume yet leaves hair soft and shiny. It’s especially suited for fine hair. 

I have a client who would use three different products on her hair and still didn’t achieve the wonderful results she did when using Volumetry alone. We can’t keep it on the shelves. Stylists put their names on the bottles they use in the shop and hide them. It’s like gold.

Two other treatments that our stylists are raving about are from Kerastase. Initialist, is a serum that is designed to give weakened hair strength and regeneration, while Specifique Masque Hydra-Apaisant is an in-depth scalp treatment that leaves hair refreshed and supple. 

While we are in the midst of the hot summer, why not practice an ounce of prevention? If you care for your hair now, when autumn arrives your hair won’t be parched and dry. One of the easiest ways to practice this self-care is by using Kerastase’s Fluidissime before you blowdry your hair. It’s my go-to product and one I use on all my clients as the results will always be beautiful hair in great condition. 

And for those with colored hair and/or highlights, use Olaplex Hair Perfector to rebuild the broken bonds caused by the dye and bleach. Your hair will look and feel like newborn hair again. 

As a stylist, I want my clients always to have the best possible outcome after a visit to the salon. Seeing a look of happiness and surprise on a client’s face is what makes me happy. 

Sometimes, while I am on line at the market, I see haircuts that are on trend but not the right style for the person wearing it or hair that has been overworked and damaged.  It serves as a reminder that while finding the right stylist may take some trial and error and, even a few bad haircuts, it’s worth the effort to keep up the search. Ask friends or stop people with great cuts to get recommendations. 

As I work on new looks for the fall, I will continue to train stylists at the salon. Feel free to come in for a consultation. It would be my pleasure to meet you and I would enjoy the burst of inspiration.

Until then, enjoy the rest of the summer. And remember, if you treat your hair with love, it will never leave you.

Visit Brian at Warren Tricomi Salon, 1 E. Putnam Ave., Greenwich. To book an appointment with him, call 212-262-8899.

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