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Located just off Greenwich Avenue, MYX Creative Kitchen is a family-friendly, fast-casual restaurant redefining the farm-to-table movement.

Just off Greenwich Avenue, Myx Creative Kitchen is a family friendly, fast-casual restaurant redefining the farm-to-table movement.

Chef Fausto Mieres isn’t afraid to experiment with flavors, mixing cuisines from around the world with locally grown ingredients to create classic dishes with a modern twist. He earned his degree in culinary arts from The French Culinary Institute in Manhattan, now the International Culinary Center. His work in Fairfield County includes the restaurants Oak + Almond and Bartaco before opening Anthony’s Deli in Stamford. In his current role as executive chef for Myx, Mieres is responsible for crafting the regionally acclaimed establishment’s daily and seasonal menus as well as its catering events, bringing passion to what he loves.

Recently, we had the pleasure of speaking with Dominique Pustay, marketing manager for Myx Creative Kitchen:

What makes Myx stand out from other health-conscious food restaurants?

“Our creativity for sure. Chef Mieres’ mind works a million miles a minute and we just sort of run with it, and 99.9 % of the time it’s a hit.”

How did Myx Creative Kitchen come about?

“It was the idea of just being able to eat healthy on the go and ultimately making healthy easy. We wanted to be able to offer many options that you don’t get bored of. Healthy is sometimes repetitive and easy to get tired of, but you don’t get that with our food because of how often we add new items to switch up the menu while introducing seasonal options. On top of it everything is customizable.”

What are the best-selling items?

“For breakfast, definitely our avocado toast that comes on organic sprouted toast, or you could get it on multigrain or gluten-free bread. We do other breakfast sandwiches as well, like almond butter toast and a Belgian waffle. We also have those famous acai bowls. There is a Grab & Go section with wraps, energy bites, fresh snacks or fruit for people in a rush and looking for a quick snack. For lunch/dinner, we have crafted salads, sauté bowls, cauliflower pizza and Myx plates that you can make your own.” 

Is everything reusable/environment friendly?

“Yes. Even our pizza boxes are as well. We came out with environment-friendly retail products, too. We use reusable bowls and, if you buy that first bowl, we buy your lunch that goes into the bowl, and every time you bring the bowl back you get 10 percent off your order. The same deal goes for our coffee cups. Buy the first reusable cup, and we pay for coffee. Then every time you bring it back, it only costs you $1 (for an 8-ounce cup of coffee). It cuts down on our products we bring in. We use paper straws and all products are recyclable. We try to be mindful and reduce the amount of waste that we have and make sure we’re on top of it being conscious of the environment. Our customers are happy and we’re happy that they’re happy.”

What does hospitality mean to you and serving your customers?

“Our hospitality is our customer service. Everyone is very friendly and happy. When you treat employees right, they will shine in the aspect of hospitality. A lot of our customers know our employees by name and have created great relationships with each other. Most times our employees will already know our customers orders, so it’s really cool to see that.”

Which person or establishment inspires you the most in this industry?

“It’s a combination of the fast casuals in the city that are doing somewhat of what we’re doing. For example, Sweetgreen has their salads and Dig Inn has their custom plates…They each do separate things and we’ve found a way to kind of merge it all together in one.” 

Do you take online orders? 

“Yes, customers can order online as well as on our app. We’re currently in the middle of an app redesign for a cleaner, sleeker appeal, making it easier to use and nicer to look at. You can order ahead through the app and skip the line. So if you order through it, you come in and there’s shelving on the side for pickups. Customers don’t need to speak to anyone, they just walk in, grab their food and be on their way. You are able to customize your whole entire meal and it even tells you the amount of calories you are going to intake. It’s funny, we have one customer that comes in every single day and gets the same exact bowl. We’ve made it possible to simply ‘reorder’ any meal you’ve ordered before to make it super easy and enjoyable for them.”

You’re also coming out with a plant-based milkshake, correct?

“Yes, and it is sooo good. It’s a tahini, gluten-free, dairy-free, 240-calorie milkshake. It’ll be offered in three flavors — strawberry, chocolate and peanut butter (my favorite). It’s not too sweet and you feel like you having an actual milkshake with half the calories, which, I mean, who doesn’t want that?”

Are there future plans for expansion? More stores?

“Absolutely. We’re in the second year of business and it’s going great. We’re itching for it and really ready for it. It’s just the matter for where. I think we’ll stay locally for now in Fairfield or Westchester County. But it’s definitely in the works, location to be determined.”

For more, visit myxkitchen.com.

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