The art of living

Take the time to really look at how you can incorporate beautiful objects into your life.

Art comes in so many forms and enriches our lives in so many ways.

During the current pandemic, many of the cultural art forms we would normally partake in are not available to us. Performing arts have not reopened yet, although museums and gardens are now open on a limited basis. As we grapple with all of the cultural loss, we can turn to other forms of art that are less visible but equally important to our daily lives.

The pandemic has made us revaluate what we bring into our homes to appreciate.  As we feather our nests or freshen our surroundings with new furniture, rugs and paint, many of us are also turning to art. We now have the time to learn about different artists and to think about which art forms interest us. Paintings, prints, photography, sculpture and other handmade objects are being enjoyed in a more personal way.

Handmade objects are growing increasing popular as we move away from industrial and commercially made products. I am finding many of my new clients are looking for art forms and one-of-a-kind pieces. Brooklyn and Long Island City have become working and living destinations for artists and artisans who create objects that are both beautiful and often functional for the home. I often find myself in these areas working with artists to create magical pieces for my clients. If the time it takes to make these pieces and cost are not within your budget, there are so many other products that are now available to the general public that make our lives more beautiful and functional. Many of them have a handmade quality to them.

Live life artfully. Take the time to really look at how you can incorporate beautiful objects into your life. For example, if you need a new set of dishes and glasses for your home, choose ones that reflect your lifestyle. Even if pieces are commercially made, think about how the weight of the plates feels. Do the pieces feel artisan-made? Do the glasses you select to go with them reflect the mood of the room? Do they “work” with the plates? Do they work with your furniture? Tying all of these elements together sets the stage for living artfully. 

Enjoy your surroundings and indulge yourself at home.  Use plates and glasses instead of paper plates and cups. Set your table nicely, putting your main meal and food on decorative plates everyday.  Treat yourself as if you were a guest. Paint your walls colors that bring you pleasure and make you feel great every time you walk into the room. Some colors energize you and others calm you down, Select colors according to the way you enjoy feeling.

Look around you at all the objects in your home and their design. Product designers think about both the function of these objects and many times about the beauty of the objects they create.  Everything from vacuum cleaners, bottle openers, coffee pots and toasters has been artfully designed for better living with style. Utilitarian objects that are used in the home must be both functional and attractive. Why have an unattractive toaster or coffee maker when you can have a great looking one? Giving thought to these objects that you have to purchase anyway makes the difference in a home’s cohesive style.  Take the time to enjoy your surroundings and treat yourself well.

Incorporating different art forms into your home brings a lifetime of pleasure. Living artfully should not just be a luxury. With a little thought and care about your surroundings, you can definitely make the pandemic easier to get through. Once our lives return to normal, don’t forget to keep taking care of your surroundings and appreciate all the different art forms that are in our everyday lives. Continue to bring things into your home that put function and style together. You will feel better. Your home should be your personal refuge.

As I am writing this I am contemplating both a new vacuum and acquiring a new photograph for our collection.  Both will happily co-exist in our home. Live well by living with style. 

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